Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday :)

This week's six words from me-

Waiting eagerly for the SUPREME's Birthday :) :) <3

krishna janmastami-the birthday of Lord Krishna,is to be celebrated on monday,I am eagerly waiting for the celebration!

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare;
Hare Rama Hare Rama,
Rama Rama Hare Hare!!

This is written for Cate's six word saturday!
Wanna play along,then visit this space here :)

A token of love!

Hi guys,I have listed some surprises,remember?And I said you that I'm gonna share another surprise later..right!
Here is this...hmm the surprise that made me smile :)

I know,if you are a blogger and a frequent reader of my blog,you might have guessed it already!

My blog received two awards from two wonderful bloggers!**yayy **
I am now displaying them right now,without any blah-blah ;) (I could not wait)

One award is from Vysh of colorful eyes,I am really so very sorry Vysh for accepting it lately(nearly 2 months is such a long time,to admit,i forgot that I have not yet accepted this..and remembered when I received an award now recently..sorry dear)

I wonder this word 'versatile' is too big to me but thank you so much for showing your love towards my space :) <3

And the second award is from Sujatha(conversations by SujathaSathya) one of wonderful bloggers!
Thank you so much Sujatha :) <3
These awards surely give a +ve spirit to write more...
I am skipping the me part(on sharing facts about me.. ;) ) and I am now sharing these with my fellow blogger friends.

I wanna share this versatile blogger award with


And next the 'one lovely blog award' is being shared with


order doesn't matter and friends if you've already awarded with any of these awards,just accept as 'a token of love' towards your blog from me!I really enjoy reading your blogs :)

Hope you know the rules of awards,share some facts about you and spread the love to other blogger friends. Happy blogging!

Monday, August 15, 2011


When someone hurts me,
and when things go wrong,
I got my weapon,
Yes,I cry in 'silence'!

When I am alone,
with memories of past in mind,
I got a companion,
Yes,I smile in 'silence'!

When I am with my tea-cup,
Fresh breeze,green leaves and colorful flowers whisper,
I got a headset,
Yes,I listen in 'silence'!

When I am alone,
with thoughts and fears about future,
I got a companion,
Yes,I dream in 'silence'!

When the day ends,
with stars as evidence,to confess,to share and to ask,
I knew a language to speak with HIM,
Yes,I communicate in 'silence'!


That's why I say 'My silence speaks alot'!
 And none,except HIM can understand it!! 

This is written for 'One Single Impression' and 'Poets united'

I just scribbled my thoughts.I am new at poetry and do not know whether it can be considered as a poem(!?) I would like to hear from you..
Your suggestions will improve and inspire me to write better!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

A whisper

Cyclone of thoughts inside
ended, when you whispered;
Now,I felt the fresh breeze :)

Written for Haiku Heights

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A list of surprises...

All these days,I was blogging once or twice in a week and I was writing nothing except giving my updates(like what I did or what happened to me in those days) and this post is no exception to that category..again a random post of updates...of-course,this makes you know what happened to me right...Well,I should agree that this will not interest you and you may be getting bored with my blog...Hmm need to think on this..
For this time,just go on with these things dear!

#1) The very first thing that came as a surprise is our Tirupathi trip was postponed.This is due to ill-health of grandma and she is fine now :).The trip was rescheduled on aug 29th night with the gang increased :)

#2) The second surprise for which I was waiting for many days happened to me when I was in our village(to help grandpa).It came as a phone call at 11 p.m from my friend.I did not believe what he said,'I received JL' Hmm atlast I received the formal joining letter from TCS,and my training was scheduled on Dec 19th at Hyderabad.I felt very happy listening this and even now,after checking out the mail.I wish that I should get the posting in Hyd,and I am sure about it.Hehe what other option can I prefer?I just wish to stay nearer to mom n dad :)

#3) The third surprise is the thing I do not like at all.This happened today.Gowthami,the active girl was not feeling well.I thought 'Ha,I am o.k,this(reg body pains,headache,stomach pain..dryness of throat,etc) is due to some strain,everything is fine..'Mom compelled me to visit doctor.I listed all my abnormalities I feel,and they checked out temperature and Blood pressure...after a blood test,he ruled out as 'typhoid'(I smiled listening this...I got this same thing two years back)O.k leave it,this is not dangerous at all,as it was mild and a few tablets will work :) happy for no injections!

#4) This is the happy surprise on this rakhi day!My brother presented me(when I tied rakhi) two chains(these are prepared by him with some crystals and etc..)they are really very nice..I loved them.Thanks so much for your love dear vijji(vijay).

#5) I have two surprises which may surprise my fellow blogger friends too...but I am not revealing now...
so wait for them!

Bear this post,if any mistakes(reg spelling and grammatical) found,because I am in no mood to go back and check for them....keep smiling
Take care(Sorry for not going thru ur blogs dear frns..)

Gowthami :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

1,2,3.. from an 'idlebrain'

Wait,I am not going/taking any pre-kg/dance classes.Sitting before my PC and while thinking over the topic to write today, I got this write something on numbers...So you people get ready..

One -1 My birthdate!! It's a pure coincidence that my birthday and new year comes on the same day ;) yes,I was born on Jan 1st! Lucky na? :) Double Dhamaaka or you say 1+1 offer!

Two -2 People!Thankyou Mom and thankyou Dad...for your love and affection!Both of you are always best and I am blessed to have you..I love you :)

Three - 3 Months Huh,three months ago I was a student,Now I am trying to find the pleasure in the so called holidays and it may take another 3 months for me to become a member of TCS officially(we may expect in Nov)Waiting for JL needs patience. Smile_sigh.

Four - 4 Years.This is the time spent in Engineering course.I love my college-life and I am glad that I found good friends for my life.Learnt many things for life(I am not saying about java or err I am not even getting the names of subjects we had /blur )
I can never forget the fun I had all these years..Thankyou friends!I miss you all :(

 Five - 5 Five stars!(5 Close friends)Needless to say their names..but I feel lucky possessing them.. :) If I had to go beyond my family for any support or help,you are my immediate ones I can approach!You knew me well...Hehe I pray God to give you more strength(mental strength re,m not going to kick you) to bear me till I breath my last!

Six - 6 sixth date of third month 2k9 will be cherished throughout my life :) Will share the reason behind it later ;) :)

Seven - 7 seventh of this month...We(Dad,mom me and bro) are going to tirupathi... Yay :)

Eight - 8 years completed without hearing the most caring voice and sweet smile.I lost her(mom's younger sis).One woman who loves me sooo much and who guards me even now..

Nine - 9 This number is on one of my shirts(my fav tee)!

Ten - 10 Hey I got exactly 10 prizes in school when I was 10! Coincidence na,hehe that's why I remembered ;)

Finally, Completed it!
The above mentioned things are the primary ones that came to me..
I did it...when you feel free and obviously when your brain runs over several topics,or else when you do not find a topic,pick this one to write your life in numbers for fun...

Don't forget to speak on my numbers now ;)


Saturday, July 30, 2011

what happened to me?

Yes...what happened to me??
Gowthami,who wish to write was not at all in a mood to pen down her thoughts...why?
May be...I am not in a position to handle them(thoughts or the situations..?probably second one...)
Why do people say...'Your life is what you make it'? and why do they say..'Things will not be in your hands,what has to happen will happen'?[Ah,I am not speaking about blogging here, rather on things, that were happening to me]

Ha,whatever happens,I know to smile!I can trace out happiness in everything... would be better if an 'idea' for a 55F comes to my mind now..isn't it...but it is not! :P

I gained some good,encouraging readers who always made me smile through their feedback..I am sorry for not writing these days...Ha surely Gowthami is back now...Ok..I said this in previous post itself but did not write :( But this is for sure dear!

Btw,How are you doing these days...I will be reading you as soon as I finish this...

Miss you,

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well...After many many days,I opt writing random thoughts rather than a post on something...this actually help me to write after a long gap...

I hope you should be very fine...

#1) I was not in my home town, Guntur these days..(Hum,spent with Grandparents..) I was relaaaaaxxxing from 2 months nearly while most of my classmates and friends are busy learning technical courses...See,how well I am using my time productively! ;)

#2) When I checked out my mails,I found comments from Jyothi..Sujatha...those make me smile!Thanks alot for your concern Sujatha...I am now here with you,running out of ideas..hehe finally opted to speak non-sense! :)

#3) Actually,Papaya too is very good for health,Isn't it?(Just had a piece of it!) :P

#4) Hey you know I discovered one thing, :P "When the people you love and you yearn to spend time with them are not with you,then spend time wiht hose people who loves to be with you,this will make you happy for sure" :)

#5) Certain things take time!right?They actually test our patience!!

#6) I felt not to talk on yesterday's bomb-blasts. :(

Mom is calling me..,
....(after 10 mins) it is about to rain and I am asked to collect the washed clothes.
It is raining lightly now-a-days in Guntur,and you know (I am)My health is sensitive to weather changes...To me,Monsoon always bring Cold :( !

#7) Ok Ok..I heard you shouting at me to stop this!

Enjoy till evening,I will be sharing some happy things with you then,because when things are not making you happy,we should find happiness in the things that happened...right!(This sentence always suits me well)

Take care!
I seriously missed you my dear fellow bloggers...missed your posts...!

----Gowthami :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

your love gave me...

I smiled with flowers,
Danced in silver twilight,
With you;I love you!

I can sense your touch,
Can feel your unique fragrance,
Can trace you in crowd!

When I am with you,
I never felt my blindness
your love gave vision!!


This is written for Haiku Heights-prompt#blind

Saturday, June 18, 2011

six word saturday#3

Do you wish to give your six words just come to this space!

This week's six words from me.....

                                Hope things will soon look up!!

written for Cate's six word saturday!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey...I am with 55F this time!Everytime it happens like whenever I think of writing a 55F over a theme(topic) I write and choose a suitable pic to decorate my words..but this time it was the pic which made me think of a 55F.

For those who are not aware of a 55Fiction-It refers to a micro fiction that should contain a maximum of 55 words!

Now that you are here,I welcome you to the grand WEDDING CEREMONY

The wedding was happening tonight!
  Everyone astonished at Grandeur...!
Seeing the Bride in wedding gown,
"She seems like an Angel!",everyone exclaimed!
 She felt Ecstasy for the first time!!
She could have been in trance for some more time....But,
Three words brought her to senses,disturbing her exaltation,
They are...

" Cut! Shot-o.k! Pack-up! "

 I feel pleasure to share this 55F with Thursday tales here and with G-man here!
You can go to my 55Fs directly here(I penned them long ago!)

Hey,How's the wedding now?Hope you enjoyed!!
Then where are the gifts???
Din't understand?I mean.....Gifts...ur 'precious words'!!!

A Night With Stars!(Smile-->Production num#2)?

/hihi Good morning dear friends!!Did you ever speak to stars?No??Well...

Here goes my experience, a sweet memory that can make you smile..Well then get ready to smile! :)

It was the month of April, hmmm I completed my course of study( and I am with plenty of holidays in my know since I was child I really crave for holidays..(I hope this thing will continue till the end of my journey ;) :P ) During my holidays, all our family members gather and spend time in an awesome I like them very much!This time as soon as I am ready with my days,we went to our village, Nambur.

That day,we finished our dinner and had a casual chat after which I went to the terrace of our house to walk in the cool night watching the twinkling stars(I love this so much!). Five or ten minutes later Dad came too.. We remained in silence for sometime, enjoying the place and the weather.
Suddenly Dad raised the topic about the 'arundhati' nakshatra,looking at the stars.He said that he was unable to find it in their marriage.Hey,hope you know the importance of Arundhati Nakshatra in Hindu marriages,right?No..?kk hmm this star has a story.Arundhati is wife of vasishta(one among the saptharishis, guardians of divine laws) she is known for her love towards her husband,so it became a ritual showing arundhati nakshatra for the newly married couple wishing that their life would be lovely.
But it is difficult to identify the star correctly in the innumerable stars in sky.

After listening to the dad's words, I tried to help him out.You know stars are always my friends and I know the position of arundhati correctly :).I pointed to the North direction in the sky where we can figure out a kite (figure formed by 7 stars..hmm 4 forming a parallelogram and 3 forming a curve..totally depicting a kite)
oh wait google helped me find this pic,

Arundhati can be found at the last but one star in the curve(at the end)You can not find it in this pic but in the sky, you can see the star but it needs careful observation.Haha on that day it took almost 5,6 mins to find it!

Huh..atlast I made it!I felt..and later we had some casual talks and it was then, I got a stupid idea...'to scream like a goat'.I tried but it did not sound well(!? :P) Dad tried and it came out very well and accurate next I tried...meanwhile a lady neighbor came out and looked outside round to locate the goat...We saw her and kept silent.She went inside and again the goat in me came out screaming :P Dad told me to stop but I did not. That lady again came out and this time I sat behind the wall,she asked Dad whether any goat is roaming around.Hehe Dad said 'No',she went in and he closed my mouth when I am about to scream..."Idiot it's enough for today,let's go down" I obeyed his order with a smile...

Did you smile?
Come on...Now it's ur turn to share ur incidents/memories with stars/sky/moon/goats ;) etc...

Waiting to listen from you,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A story of love..!

Why don't he be with me?
Everyone is important than me..
Everything interests him except my love :(
He could spend with me this evening,but he went to play...How many times I called him?
No use...
I say "Just come out of the ground and speak for me"
But he says, "I will not be here playing except for two hours a still wish to come out!?"
Asusual...he never understand my feelings for him!
Is it my fault to think like this..?
I expect him to be with me..
I wish to hear some lovely words from him..
I wish..he should pamper me..
I expect to hear how lucky he is to possess me(Isn't he?)..
I wish to listen how madly I love him through his words..
But he did not...still he do not,and will not do as I wish!

She was in her thoughts when he came beside her and took his place.She immediately went to start her work without speaking a word.
They spent their time without speaking any word..

The next day,she found a letter on the table.It says,
My dear Love,
Why do you think so much and pull your mind into a cyclone of thoughts?
You are so sweet and your love is so much to me that I can not bear sometimes,you know!
I may not express my feelings for you,I am bad at choosing words that convey my love to you,really!
Tell me exactly,Don't you know my dear sweety,don't you know how much I love you..?
I agree,I may not be with you all the time but you always stay in my heart wherever I am...!

Wiping her tears,she rushed towards him.
With her trembling voice,she said,"I am sorry dear,I am a fool,I hurt you...I am really sorry, I love you so much,I know I am blessed to have you"
She stopped as if she has no words to speak..He held her close to him and said,"No dear,I am the fool who did not understand your feelings,I am sorry"
"Did you read the complete letter?"
"Not yet.."

She started...

                                                          You are always the best to me..
                                                                       Please dear,
                                                            Will you marry me..please?

She smiled and embraced him...He wisphered,"Will you marry me!?"
She said, "Idiott!"

The calling-bell sound made them separate themselves,when they opened the door, they are astonished to see them!
"Happy Wedding anniversary!!" Their daughter and her family screamed.
She held back the letter,which contains her picture in wedding gown!
Meanwhile,he whispered "You are my bride forever dear,I love you"


Love needs to be expressed...!It elates your soul-mate :)
At the same time,personal interests should not be disturbed...!It irritates your soul-mate :)

Love blossoms when mutual interests are respected and when feelings are shared!!


                          This story(post) was written for Thursday Tales
                                                  (Image courtesy here)

                          Did you like this?Make me know your response on reading it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy being slave?

If you are asked whether you wish to be a slave...what do you say?

                                                                            I say..

                                                     I'm slave of your love,
                                  till I breath my last,My Lord;
                                              I feel bliss in it!

                                     This is written for Haiku Heights!(this week's theme-slavery )

Saturday, June 11, 2011

six word saturday#2

This week's six words from me...

                                 I Cry,I smile,I love..!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Empathy..for a relationship!

I wish to write something today...but in no mood to start a new I checked the list of draft-posts which I left in the middle..huh so today I completed this thing..Don't know how it turned out..but I feel I completed it!

Srikar and Sameera are in love with each other and with their parents' blessings they got married,a year before.Both of them work in different MNCs.Both of them have good friends and Anvesh is close friend of Sameera.
One day Srikar saw a paper on the table after returning home from an important conference.It says that

Dear Sri,
Got a phone-call from Dad,he needs my presence urgently. Something is fishy there so I am going. You don't worry about me, Anvesh is accompanying me and do take care yourself.
She returned after 2 days.
Sameera: What happened to your mobile?I called you many times but no response...
Srikar:It's none of your business..
Sameera:what??What are you speaking..?I returned just now and you did not ask me the reason I went for..
Srikar:Ha..I do not need it...Hmm I think it's known to the person who has to know na...
Sameera:What do you mean?
Srikar:I mean your dearest friend might be knowing the reason na...He cares you.. right?How much interest he should have to be with you for these 2 days instead of his busy schedule...
Sameera:what do u mean srikar?So u are doubting our friendship and you are questioning me...I did not expect this from you..
Sameera:Is it for this sake I married you, convincing my parents..?
Srikar:I don't know

The argument continued in this way and finally both of them got irritated.With such feeling they decided to break-up with no other second thought.
She returned after 2 days.
Sameera: What happened to your mobile?I called you many times but no response...
Srikar:It's none of your business..
Sameera:Is it?hmm who is the person other than me on this Earth has the right to know?
Srikar:I don't know and you don't interfere in my things..
Sameera:hehe I am the one who should Don't you wish to listen my words dear..?The reason behind dad's call..?
Srikar:I don't need it...Your friend knew it na.. it's enough for u..How much interest he should have to be with you for these 2 days instead of his busy schedule...
Sameera:Humm...I am sorry ma..I should have told you first but as u are in an important work,I felt not to disturb you and went..I am sorry sri..
Srikar:I don't need...
Sameera:I am sorry
Srikar:You left me alone...
Sameera:hm..I must be punished for that..but let that be later...I said you sorry na..please forget it dear..I luv u.. u'll not let this happen again...sure?
Sameera: promise...!Luv u alot...
Srikar:Hmm...luv u too..I missed you! 

Sameera:Hmm..I know I am lucky to have you...Hey I did not tell you na..Dad called me and asked me to come there along with Anvesh..You know my cousin Anita, right?
Sameera:Her parents brought her a match which she did not approve and she said that she wish to marry Anvesh..humm that's the matter for which dad called me urgently,as the situation was worse when she tried to commit suicide when uncle did not agree for that! However everything is alright now and Anvesh agreed too..
Srikar:Oh...that's fine :) then what else...What about's she?
Sameera:she is fine ma..
Srikar:Hmm you seem tired dear...I will prepare something for you meanwhile you go and fresh-up..

Hmm..felt the difference??Sometimes in any sort of relationship,words that we hear are not important..but it is the 'empathy' that helps to make relation stronger..right? "Possessiveness" will be a reason for the silly fights between the couple I mean to say here, between the persons who are fond of each other..Isn't it?

what do you say?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Whom do u like?

This is written for Haiku Heights!

This week's theme is - Porcelain

                                                           Beautiful! she is;
                                                  My heart questioned me,is she
                                                          a porcelain doll?

                                                          A Wonderful lady;
                                                 I feel that she was made with,
                                                         a porcelain heart!


When I found this word as this week's theme,I got these two variants of this word "porcelain"
Btw...What do you say about them?

Monday, May 30, 2011

A meeting!

"It is about to rain! And it is damn cold out..You should not go now" Her mother warned!
"No..I have to go now.."She replied back in firm voice.
"But you are suffering from severe fever and..."She stopped her mother in the middle and said "It's our day and I need to go..Bye" with these words she came out wearing a jacket to protect herself from biting cold winds.

She is happy she was going to keep her promise made to him!

A cold wind blew away...leaving her in the past memories she had with him...!

It seems as if it happened just yesterday..She remember when they were 8, she had a longing desire to fly many balloons at a time but her parents did not allow more than one...At that time it was he,who used to buy for her secretly..and they used to fly them..

On her every birthday, he used to bring a bunch of balloons to see her happy face..she used to count them and to that count she prepare her wish-list that has to be finished by her next was the same process on her birthdays.

She reached the place where they used to share many things flying balloons.Ohh...she is late by 5 mins and he was waiting for her! As usual she has her wish-list with her..
1) I wish to buy a new house for mom and dad!
2) I wish I could go to a new orphanage and offer my support!
3) I wish I could learn atleast 3 languages this time!
4) I wish I could see more smiles this time!

On thinking these....she sat on the ground beside the lake.

She is waiting for the moment and yes the wind blew again....the balloons raised into sky.. but this time they came from her hand.. instead of his!

She did not forget the cannot forget that accident, he had.. last time on her birthday.He went to buy balloons for her and had a fatal accident.Tears came rolling on her cheeks and the same time the balloons reached high into the sky...A water drop fell on her raised forehead as if it remind his lovely kiss.She loves rain on sunny morning!

Wiping her tears,she smiled and said, "Dear..!You know my 5th wish?I wish to be your little princess in my next life too.. but you should not leave me in the middle my dear brother!I love you so much and I miss you!"


                          This story(post) was written for Thursday Tales
                                       (Image courtesy here)

                  Did you like this?Make me know your response on reading it!

                 It is my first time writing a long fiction and that too linking it for TT!
                     (Pls do comment..your words(suggestions) mean alot to me!)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

six word saturday#1

Hello everyone..I am linking this on Sunday(a day late..! as I came to know this just now on this sunday night)
Hope you will enjoy my six words!
And this is the first time for me.. showing my face at cate's show my face for 6 word saturdays!

Wonderful Holidays--Days spent with Family!!!

And I hope I would be regular to Cate's space on every saturday with my 6 words!
what about you..?Wanna show your face..then come straight to this space

Drop you comment here on my 6 is my first attempt..and ur comments mean alot to me!!


My first attempt....!

Hii..I just tried my hands at Haiku...Came to know this through Haiku Heights!(Donno whether it is a haiku that I wrote here...!?)

Please take the pain in correcting me(if I am wrong)

                                                                   Topic- Trance.
                                                           His charming face, made
                                                           me forget everything, is
                                                           this trance?It's his grace!!


I do not know whether the thing I wrote comes under haiku or not...ok..there is always a first for everything..!right?
Kindly make me know about this..(if wrong pls mention so that I can correct)

Have a happy sunday!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well friends...there is always a first time for everything...right..!?

A first time when u get accolades from your people..
first time when you get severe criticism..
first time when you show your love on your dear ones...
first time when you felt pain...
hehe...first time when you tried your hands at a new recipe....

We do not forget these things when happened for a first time in our lives....what do u say? is my first time of getting an award for my space(blog)! :)
This was given by my most favorite fellow blogger friend ~Madhumathi~
She is an expressive blogger...Thanks so much madhu... I am displaying it..
finally.. here it is.. per the rules described..I need to convey seven facts about me and I should pass this award to few fellow bloggers...
(Do I need to say 7 seems a big number to me now)

O.K....starting with num 7

#7) I love cleanliness(err..everyone on earth loves it..why do I mention it now..may be as..I just had a quarrel with my bro for not keeping the room neat! ) I can never stand in a room that contains a pile of clothes and blankets...thrown over an unmade bed! Often..this happens a reason to fight with him(my brother)

#6) I love reading books...of any genre!one of my favorite pastimes...

#5) I love music...and this can be of any genre too...And I love dancing...hmm...damn fact is I love classical dance and I performed it when I was in school...(I am not a classical dancer..but knew some basics like Adavus..)

#4) I am a vegetarian...(And the fact is I can cook... :P :) ) and I think eating meat as a tasty murder!

#3) I am sensitive and a deep-thinker above all an optimist!

#2) I am lucky!!!

#1) All the statements above are facts! ;)

Hmmm these are seven facts about me!'s time to pass this award...
So...thinking...well..I wish to give this to all my dear fellow blogger friends..!
(order do not matter)

Here are the wonderful stylish bloggers...

Anuroop Reddy- my first blogger friend(Thanks for your support anuroop.)Btw he is an impressive writer...Do check his stories and u'll agree with what I said!

Anoop- much senior to me(in blogging) and definitely a stylish blogger!(Thanks alot for your support Anoop)

Anju- another stylish blogger...who has many skills...(she is a doctor by profession but manages her two blogs pretty well...this shows her interest)Do check her blogs to know many things!Thanks a bunch Anju..!

Aiswarya- I came across her blog recently and I loved it...

Prathima- Aww..this is a colorful blog...Came across this recently.keep visiting prathima and keep writing...

Prudhvi- Another recent blogger I came to know....keep writing and thanx for your encouraging comments!

Nidhi- Another new stylish blogger..!

Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award.
Share seven things about yourself.
Spread the love and honor. Award recently discovered bloggers.
Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Smile"-> Production num-1

Before scrolling your eyes here!

Welcome back to the scene...

I was in my intermediate(first year) and it was the month of march--a month of exams!
I used to start from home at 7.15 so that I could reach the examination center by 7.40 or so..our board xam starts at 8 A.M. Mom accompanied me for the first day and the second day I said her that I can go myself..Ofcourse dad came along with me on that day,I remember, it was the day for English exam.I waved back to dad after reaching there and dad left me wishing a gud luck.I smiled and went straight to the display board to check out my number.Hmm I got the room no and asked where the room is located and went there.

I was happy that day..and entered into the examination hall.A tall thin man was an invigilator and I shown him my hall-ticket,Ofcourse he did not pay much attention to it.I went to my place and received answer script.Btw it was 7.55 or so..I was using the scale and pencil..and busy in partitioning the page with margins.I felt somebody infront of me.

A guy is standing before me with pens,pencils..etc...He stretched his hand to some extent towards me and said something which was not audible at all.I said "Yes,I have them too..Thankyou" thinking that he was asking me to take them...His face shown his irritation..I did not understand..Meanwhile invigilator asked him what the issue was...and he said "This is my place".Now I understood the reason behind his rapid breathes.(I thought, He was late and did not check his number correctly in a hurry).I said smiling "No,It's mine.. Did you check your number?"

I said this and started to check mine too..."Shiittt..It's not my number!" "I am sorry..o.k. all the best" I said hurriedly and collected my things and started running towards display board(For the people who knew guntur,my center was Hindu college and it is a large building,It was 8.10 already)I was in a hurry and some lecturer helped me find my actual room,the Zoology lab...went there..took my question paper and laid on the desk smiling at my blunder for 1 or 2 mins.Later finished my exam well.

How stupidly I said..."Yes,I have them too.. thankyou" seeing pens in his hands! :)

Do you have this kind of experience?
This turned out into a bit long post...Will try to make these short from next one.
Like to know your response!


Smile...! :)

hiii friend!

I should thank you as you made me smile!
If you are with a puzzled face thinking about the reason behind my smile...I say...
My scribblings in my space just crossed the number 25...a silver jubilee!? ;) :)
Ofcourse 'number' is not at all important..!
Donno how far I was in writing..
But I will try to put here everything I wish to...

As this made me thought of starting a collection...yes, a collection of some memories...that can made you smile!(I hope)
From today I would be writing some incidents in ma life that made me smile...or else that made the people around me smile!
Hope this will entertain you!

If you wish to come straight into my sweet memories...just smile!
And Don't forget to give your feedback about them as this encourages me to write more!
Get ready to

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