Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coincidentia oppositorum...

Haa...As you saw the title of this post..hope you started like" what is this rubbish..?ushh...let's see the matter..." right??{if not..go back and start like that ;) }

Humm...As I am writing this line and thinking over the thing which i'm gng to write...I jus closed my eyes...where a sudden flash of my mom n dad came into my mind.
Ohh I didn't reveal you the meaning of my title yet...hmm.. It is a Latin phrase, meaning "coincidence of opposites". 
Wait!!!,by seeing the last line that i remembered my mom n dad while writing this post and by the meaning of the title, dont think that my mom and dad are opposites here in this context....!!
u'll understand the context i am referring to here as the time pass by ;)

I remember the situations when dad made them so artistically... He stood on my side( in the argument between me n mom) but shown his affection and care towards mom in a way that I did not understand until last part of the argument.. when I was writing this, a smile that came on my face remembered me many occasions where my mom has taken special care towards dad...
they are such a nice couple with great understanding..!(which made me surprised sometimes..)
Hmm...I like our traditional Indian marriage culture which builds a bondage between two persons and two families for years... :)
shit,I did not tell you the second sunday of February is celebrated as World marriage day. :) Thinking over this,I remembered my parents, as to me, they are the first couple :) :)

Okk...let me give you the opposite thing that made me put that sort of title to this post...
 Actually I don't find a reason to share it, but did it, as it came into my mind...
It is not related to our culture.. but who knows.....??

hmm Feb 13th...I came to know through google, that, it is the day usually celebrated by the men with the woman whom he wished to marry and somehow dropped out of reasons(and married to another woman){I think it usually happens in foreign countries....but who knows..? there might be such men in our country too...!!}

At last,that was the reason why I had chosen the title for this post, as today, world marriage day(a day that should be celebrated for the trust and faith between the couple) and world mistress day(the day that indicates the betrayal of the oath taken during marriage) came as a coincidence...yes, the coincidence of opposites...!!
hmmmm i do not wish to write more on this(mistress day)!!!
i don't know how to end up this post and m writing it in a random manner..I could not digest the thing that a man though married to a woman, if had a relation with another woman...just could not think of it...!hmmm almost every girl thinks in the same way...

A marriage in our sense is a promise made out of trust that the couple would be loyal towards one another..and it establishes a long relationship between two people to stay united in every aspect of life...I wish no girl feels insecure about the mistress day and everyone lives by abiding our ever-lasting marriage culture.. :)

lets celebrate world marriage day...
humm just ask ur parents how they felt on the thought when they were going to be married to each other.... :)
hehe you will not forget that in ur life.... ;) 

And today as my friends are giving their GATE exam,I wish all of them should do well :)
Have a nice day :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

knowledge sharing

we are staying in a rented house and we have our co-tenants staying by our side.I went to give some sweet prepared by mom as it was the favorite sweet of 8th class girl,chaithanya of our co-tenant's daughter.Well, I went and gave it to her when she was taking rest after keeping her school-bag aside.It was 8.00 p.m then.I sat there for a couple of mins when she raised the topic on my holidays(our coll declared hols for a week reg GATE prep).The conversation went on like this...


chaithanya: akka meku holidays kada....hmm eppatidaka..?
me:sunday daka :)
chaithu:ohfff auna....humm chakkaga neku happy akka :(
me:hum nekemindi hai ga me frns tho untav kada evng daka...
chaithu:{suddenly she called her mother}mummy,ninna sravya ki class lo edo teliledanta..repati nundi xams kada.nanu adigindi chepamani...
mothr:auna..em chesav mari cheppava..?
chaithu:  pchh...
mothr:hmm chepakapothe le repu xam lo emina adiigna cheppaku...ninnu chadukonivakunda kaburlu cheppatamuu nu thanemo ila adagadam marks emo thanaki vasthai appudu ninnu malli last section lo vestharu..twaraga ready ayyi buks thiyyi...
chaithu:abba..theestha le mummy...kasepu undi...
mothr:kadu 15mins lo thiyyali book anthe naku panundi paddka netho aravalenu le inka...
me:{shocked at her words}sare aunty nen vellosthanu..bye


My brain was pushed into a cyclone of thoughts from then...
she goes to school at 7.00 am and returns at 8.00 p.m.Is this necessary for 8th standard????
she was not at all interested in going to school....Is this the main aim of that school(need not mention name as many private schools are same)???
she is forgetting the word sharing and helping...Is this a real education??

kk leave abt her as she is a kid but this education system is turning the mind of an educated mother(M.A Eng litt) into meek.......Is this a gud system???Puzzeled Smiley (With Question Marks)

ohfff...hmm...we cannot change it i know as this change would not work out with these people who think that grades are very much important than the mental ability of kids and their growth as a human being..... :( hummmmmmmm
A sudden little retrospection of my schooling came into my mind where I enjoyed being in school,which i felt it as next to my home... :) My schooling contains a number of things beyond "books" :) kk...I thought of writing it in my blog where i can elaborate it and share my happiness for being in that school...
As I was thinking on sharing knowledge, I remembered a situation regarding this. :)
venue- R.V.R & J.C Engg coll cyber block seminar hall.
we(who completed written and TR, MR) are gathered there and were waiting for the call for HR round of TCS interview.students who completed their Hr round came back and some info reg the ques asked in HR came out...they contain some ques like current CEOs of other companies and latest products of TCS etc...

seminar hall is filled with murmuring sounds...nobody knew answers...!
suddenly a guy named Uday picked up mike and asked the quesns and asked whether anyone in hall know the answers....then he said that he will be going upstairs and get the answers(donno from where he collected may be either frm net or frm ppl) he rushed into the room after 5 mins or so..and revealed the answers with spellings.... :).

If I were in his place, probably i might ask my frns or my beside-es and leave that matter or I might reveal info to my frns if at all i got ans :o but that guy made everyone of us to know the answers..ofcourse those ques might not be posed to everyone of us...This is the real sharing of info...I cannot forget this in my life...and I admire Uday for this thing :).
hmm...what to say finally...?'s up to u....hmm
have a nice day :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Art of Parenting :) I am going to share something that made me smile(a gud feeling) one fine morning...

I remember I woke up at 7.45 or so that morning and came outside my home where my mom is speaking with the milk-man{an old man of >65} and she was settling the amount for that month.Though it is easy to bring milk from dairy she like to buy from him not because the purity or else,she just want to take part in improving his earning as she always does it on seeing the too old or too young people who struggle for their life :).

Humm I started conversing with him.I appreciated his way of calculation. Then he smiled at me and said that he had done his P.U.C in 1964.I asked out of curiousity, whether he might had an opportunity to settle in public sector so that he can made his living by the pension easily.Hmm...I am jus observing the changes in his face as he continued.

{he started with a smile}నేను p.u.c చేసాక apsrtc lo job ఇస్తానన్నరమ్మ పిలిచి మరీ...కాని ఇంట్లో వాళ్ళకి ముక్యం గా మా నాన్న కి నేనంటే చాల ఇష్టం అమ్మ rtc conductor అంటే ఏ రాత్రుల్లో duty చేయాల్సి వస్తుంది ఎక్కడో తిరగాల్సి వస్తుంది వేల్లమాక ఏదోటి చేస్కున్దాం లే అని వేల్లనివ్వల అప్పుడు...అదే వేల్లనిచి ఉంటె ఇప్పుడు దర్జాగా బతికేవాడిని కష్టం లేకుండా....
I asked whether he had children..and he continued...
ఉన్నారమ్మ నన్ను వేల్లనివ్వలేదు గా మా నాన్న నేను అల చెయ్యలేదమ్మ సిమెంట్ పనికని నేర్చుకున్టానికి వెళ్తానని నా కొడుకు అడిగితే పంపించాను ఒక జత బట్టలు,తినటానికి పళ్ళెం ఒక దుప్పటి పట్టుకెళ్ళి 6 నెలలు కస్టపడి పని నేర్చుకున్నాడు అంతే ఇంక తర్వాత తనే కాంట్రాక్టు ల మీద బిల్డింగ్ కట్టటం మొదలుపెట్టి బాగా సంపాదించాడు కోటిన్నర పైన... మంచి గా ఎదిగాడు నా  బిడ్డ(i remember the spark in his face while saying this :) ) ఐన నాకు రూపై పెట్టడు.I felt sad but he had no such kind of expression in his face he was jus saying.... inspite of being sad or angry upon his son he was feeling proud that he had given his son a chance(and an encouragement) to grow.He is not expecting money from his son and he is striving for his living at this age.

I can not name the feeling i have had at that time....but a smile came on my face and I was thinking that...probably it might be this art of parenting that causes parents not to complain about their children and this makes them feel proud for their childrens' +ves and hide -ves :). 
humm.....This conversation and his expressions lingered in my brain that whole day... :)

My Recent experience ...(with scooty) :)

Humm...I decided to post something today...but thinking over it as this will be my first post and was feeling that it should not be worst! Hee he when i thought of writing my views here in this blog i was in a feeling that i can do it as i am good at narrating things ;) but now to say honestly,m not getting a single line... :(  but i feel i can write whatever i wish to... :)  So it is up to you to receive it... :p
I jus ask u not to mind my mistakes as this is first time and obviously it contains alot of grammatical mistakes...

I remembered one thing that exactly matches with my present situation.

Hee he let me describe u an incident.. no no it's an accident actually that i had met exactly a week ago!
I confess the fact that I did not learn driving{a funny reason was that at the age of 4, I put my leg in the wheel of bicycle and got injured :(, ofcrs not severely but the fear of riding haunted me for almost 15 years ha ha it may sound stupid but u know, everyone has their own fears for silly things;) }and never tried to learn it. Somehow I decided to learn driving on my frn's advice(no no out of force).Dad with a combiantion of question mark face and a bit surprised feeling arranged a scooty for me to learn and everything got ready.I was a bit tensed for the first day..and later got used to handle scooty for second day...and by third tried to balance it almost and i was feeling that hurray...i'm able to drive :). But on the day 4, at night(as it was convenient then) I was practising and felt happy for driving. And it was then suddenly a girl came on to the road in my way with a force that I hardly managed to balance and I was in a fear that I may hit her and hold the accelerator tightly by mistake out of fear. somehow i managed and as a result i fell down :( and the girl is safe :). Luckily I was not injured badly but a little scratch(ofcrse suffereing from pain) on leg. Now,it is almost ok and I feel I can drive tomorrow and determined strongly for it :).  In a few days I'll be able to drive :) :)

hmmm this is what depicts the fact that "Nothing is impossible until you decide to stop trying!"

As I started blogging it was a little bit hard to put my thoughts but for sure u'll find it better in few days :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


55Fiction refers to a work of fiction that uses a maximum of 55 words...This implies that the entire story or drama whatever u think should be told in 55 words...I came through this by ma fellow-bloggers blogger friends..

Tried out for the first time...and since then I feel myself comfortable in writing 55 fictions...hehe this make my regular visitors feel like "ohhff she is again with this stupid fiction".. ;)

Here is the link that takes u directly to my 55Fs.... 55fictions



Welcome.. :) are my space which makes u me give you some intro(though not necessary ;) :P)

Some of our interests are hidden inside...what do u say for my statement?I said it with my experience...
I did not realize my interest in blogging until I was compelled to start a blog by ma best buddy...
I just started casually with no interest in writing..of-course this feeling changed automatically when I am done with my first post...

Hmm that's the prologue... Coming to ' vision and visualization' I felt to name my space but could not find an apt title that truly represent me....In general our vision will be different from our perception...isn't it? so as our vision and visualization are different and as I am a deep thinker(I said deep not good :P) I opted this as ma blog title...!

That's about my space :) which contain thoughts of a graduated girl who do not like to be idle and who wish to utilize her one-time gift(life) to the fullest!!

I say as a new blogger....Blogging gives u pleasure!You can find something new in you...and u can learn many things....If you are interested in start a blog...!

With this I welcome you...go thru blog..follow if u like it...and do leave ur comments or suggestions...they are priceless... :)
Have a nice time :)
keep visiting!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


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