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Welcome.. :) are my space which makes u me give you some intro(though not necessary ;) :P)

Some of our interests are hidden inside...what do u say for my statement?I said it with my experience...
I did not realize my interest in blogging until I was compelled to start a blog by ma best buddy...
I just started casually with no interest in writing..of-course this feeling changed automatically when I am done with my first post...

Hmm that's the prologue... Coming to ' vision and visualization' I felt to name my space but could not find an apt title that truly represent me....In general our vision will be different from our perception...isn't it? so as our vision and visualization are different and as I am a deep thinker(I said deep not good :P) I opted this as ma blog title...!

That's about my space :) which contain thoughts of a graduated girl who do not like to be idle and who wish to utilize her one-time gift(life) to the fullest!!

I say as a new blogger....Blogging gives u pleasure!You can find something new in you...and u can learn many things....If you are interested in start a blog...!

With this I welcome you...go thru blog..follow if u like it...and do leave ur comments or suggestions...they are priceless... :)
Have a nice time :)
keep visiting!!

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Hii.. :)
Thankyou so much for going through my blog..
why don't you say something??
I love to listen from you..
So do comment your views..Have a nice time!
Take care :) See you again!

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