Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coincidentia oppositorum...

Haa...As you saw the title of this post..hope you started like" what is this rubbish..?ushh...let's see the matter..." right??{if not..go back and start like that ;) }

Humm...As I am writing this line and thinking over the thing which i'm gng to write...I jus closed my eyes...where a sudden flash of my mom n dad came into my mind.
Ohh I didn't reveal you the meaning of my title yet...hmm.. It is a Latin phrase, meaning "coincidence of opposites". 
Wait!!!,by seeing the last line that i remembered my mom n dad while writing this post and by the meaning of the title, dont think that my mom and dad are opposites here in this context....!!
u'll understand the context i am referring to here as the time pass by ;)

I remember the situations when dad made them so artistically... He stood on my side( in the argument between me n mom) but shown his affection and care towards mom in a way that I did not understand until last part of the argument.. when I was writing this, a smile that came on my face remembered me many occasions where my mom has taken special care towards dad...
they are such a nice couple with great understanding..!(which made me surprised sometimes..)
Hmm...I like our traditional Indian marriage culture which builds a bondage between two persons and two families for years... :)
shit,I did not tell you the second sunday of February is celebrated as World marriage day. :) Thinking over this,I remembered my parents, as to me, they are the first couple :) :)

Okk...let me give you the opposite thing that made me put that sort of title to this post...
 Actually I don't find a reason to share it, but did it, as it came into my mind...
It is not related to our culture.. but who knows.....??

hmm Feb 13th...I came to know through google, that, it is the day usually celebrated by the men with the woman whom he wished to marry and somehow dropped out of reasons(and married to another woman){I think it usually happens in foreign countries....but who knows..? there might be such men in our country too...!!}

At last,that was the reason why I had chosen the title for this post, as today, world marriage day(a day that should be celebrated for the trust and faith between the couple) and world mistress day(the day that indicates the betrayal of the oath taken during marriage) came as a coincidence...yes, the coincidence of opposites...!!
hmmmm i do not wish to write more on this(mistress day)!!!
i don't know how to end up this post and m writing it in a random manner..I could not digest the thing that a man though married to a woman, if had a relation with another woman...just could not think of it...!hmmm almost every girl thinks in the same way...

A marriage in our sense is a promise made out of trust that the couple would be loyal towards one another..and it establishes a long relationship between two people to stay united in every aspect of life...I wish no girl feels insecure about the mistress day and everyone lives by abiding our ever-lasting marriage culture.. :)

lets celebrate world marriage day...
humm just ask ur parents how they felt on the thought when they were going to be married to each other.... :)
hehe you will not forget that in ur life.... ;) 

And today as my friends are giving their GATE exam,I wish all of them should do well :)
Have a nice day :)

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