Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Recent experience ...(with scooty) :)

Humm...I decided to post something today...but thinking over it as this will be my first post and was feeling that it should not be worst! Hee he when i thought of writing my views here in this blog i was in a feeling that i can do it as i am good at narrating things ;) but now to say honestly,m not getting a single line... :(  but i feel i can write whatever i wish to... :)  So it is up to you to receive it... :p
I jus ask u not to mind my mistakes as this is first time and obviously it contains alot of grammatical mistakes...

I remembered one thing that exactly matches with my present situation.

Hee he let me describe u an incident.. no no it's an accident actually that i had met exactly a week ago!
I confess the fact that I did not learn driving{a funny reason was that at the age of 4, I put my leg in the wheel of bicycle and got injured :(, ofcrs not severely but the fear of riding haunted me for almost 15 years ha ha it may sound stupid but u know, everyone has their own fears for silly things;) }and never tried to learn it. Somehow I decided to learn driving on my frn's advice(no no out of force).Dad with a combiantion of question mark face and a bit surprised feeling arranged a scooty for me to learn and everything got ready.I was a bit tensed for the first day..and later got used to handle scooty for second day...and by third tried to balance it almost and i was feeling that hurray...i'm able to drive :). But on the day 4, at night(as it was convenient then) I was practising and felt happy for driving. And it was then suddenly a girl came on to the road in my way with a force that I hardly managed to balance and I was in a fear that I may hit her and hold the accelerator tightly by mistake out of fear. somehow i managed and as a result i fell down :( and the girl is safe :). Luckily I was not injured badly but a little scratch(ofcrse suffereing from pain) on leg. Now,it is almost ok and I feel I can drive tomorrow and determined strongly for it :).  In a few days I'll be able to drive :) :)

hmmm this is what depicts the fact that "Nothing is impossible until you decide to stop trying!"

As I started blogging it was a little bit hard to put my thoughts but for sure u'll find it better in few days :)

4 nice people shared their opinions!:

Anuroop reddy said...

Thank god!, the girl is safe... ;)

btw Welcome to the blog world ... Am I the first one to welcum you ? :p

Gowthami said...

Not the first one...but thnx 4 ur wish :)

sireesha said...

super ma.
soooooooo nice ra.

Gowthami said...

@siri:thanku so much ra.......... :)
luv to c u on my blog.... :)

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