Friday, March 25, 2011


I have told u about 55Fiction(fiction with 55 words)..right?
Here goes another such Fictitious second post your opinion on it..

Topic-"Handle with Care!!"

Mr.Rao loves her so much.
Everyday she used to smile at him.
She encouraged him in his profession.
To him,she was the most beautiful woman,his goddess!!
How can she escape the she was blind!

He cursed his carelessness.

It's time to bring home..
another woman..

A new 'goddess of justice';)

2 nice people shared their opinions!:

Ninu said...

so is he gonna bring in another woman?? :O sorry for bein dumb.. :D

Gowthami said...

The woman reffered here is the woman of justice...a 'statue'

thanq 4 dropping by...keep coming and responding ;)

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