Saturday, April 16, 2011


For those who are not aware of 55Fiction--
It is a form of micro-fiction that contains a maximum of 55 words.Here goes such fictitious work.

He went upstairs of house and saw his love..
she is standing there at the corner...
He is running towards her in excitement to feel warmth in her hug...
felt as if his legs are in air...
..after sometime
looking around in hospital, "Maa....Rupa...!???"
"you have to accept truth...
....10 days back, she passed away"

Some truths are hard to bear...but the relationship never ends even when your people leave you in the middle of your journey...what u say?
{I remember a fiction from a blogger friend of here}

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Does it happen??

Does it happen?
Many times..this question always penetrate deep into my heart making my mind busy with innumerable endless thoughts.

Hmm....I am speaking about the 'anti-"corruption"'!!
We all knew that Anna Hazare succeeded in advocating the bill that eradicates the corruption in India.However, the implementation of the bill is known to the supreme being only!(You can know more from here, I did not use RTI till-date I donot know how to make use of it...I went to municipal corporation to get my birth certificate,attendant asked me to pay 100 stupidly without asking 'why' I paid him later asked for challan..he gave me challan for 20 rs...hmmm pch...Could I have used this RTI here?)

My words may be biting...but my intention here is not sarcastic.

Do you hope that India, our country, will be corruption-free in near future?
--I do not!! How many people, who supported Hazare, are not corrupted!?Anti-corruption in our country is impossible as we forgot to ask a question "why" for many years!
--We have people below the poverty line according to the Government, but some of them can fly over anywhere in the world with their passports!!
--We have govt which provide fee-reimbursement to the student who own a car...he is poor that he can not afford a graduation in Andhra but can roam on the roads in his own car!!
--We have strict traffic police here to collect fine(without challans) even when you are following the rules and regulations.
--We have inquiry-police for the passport office who come to your address to verify your place of stay and collects a sum of 500 even when all your documents are apt.( paid him 400 even I have every doc during his visit...I did not understand now why did I paid...i did not asked him why should I have to pay...I just did as everyone of my classmates did and as he asked...I had the feeling like...if i did not pay him..I may not get my let us give him....pchh...I have done a mistake! Hmm whenever I look at my passport now,I remember this incident)
--We have attendants in the municipal offices who strive for the development..and we can not get our required certificates without paying(gifting) them first.
--We have people in the country who can not get their voter-cards even when they are eligible and even when they have applied in correct manner.
--We have people in power who say a word on one-day and change it accordingly on the next-day.
--We have many development schemes with many corrupted plans behind them.
--We have people who are lazy enough to improve the constitution written long back.
--hehe we have people who try to show-off when some one is fighting for a good cause.
Since we have all the above things...we will be having CORRUPTION in our country!

Humm...I am not opposing anyone here..I am not blaming the so called Govt.I am just putting down my thoughts here so that I can not allow them eat my brain!
(Why am I writing this?)
I decided!I am not going to encourage this corruption from now.. atleast in my life.I think I can get through but I am doubted. :(
I am ending this as I am unable to write more...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Topic-Cost of too much!!

"Mom, where are you?"
"What happened beta?I am in train.. you dropped me at station this early morning"

"Heyy..It is 10 now!!"
"So.. what..mumma?"

" have your sem-exam today at 9"
"Ohh...Shittt!!Call you later bye"

He prepared well for the whole-night...humm.. have to wait till supple!!

moral->too much preparation is very dangerous...
so be like less write more ;)

btw this is a bit related to one of my classmates...
I added some salt and pepper to it..So How is the taste??

Just like that #2

Hi....Good Evening..!
You know...I am staying in GUNTUR...the mirchi city...which is famous for its weather being hottt....Imagine this summer hotness..!! But today it was not like the usual seems quite cool and o.k.

Enjoyed this evening watching the fleet of birds with chirping sound...may be.. the ones at the back might be compelling the ones at front to move fast in order to reach their homes before waving back to Sun!!

I had 4 good things to share with you...

#I got my passport :) :) 
#I got my driving license :)
#As soon as I opened my blog today I saw comments waiting for my moderation...I was on cloud9 when I saw the comments regarding my 55Fiction.. :) 
They gave me +ve energy to write more they are liable..not me!! ;)
#Above all...hummm...I am gonna finish my final sem xams by the day-after-tomorrow..just one subject to go!!

These are the things I mentioned....Hey I just got another stupid thought...hehe I'll be back with in few minutes with that.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Topic- "Pre-K.G Intelligence!!"

Mom ordered him to finish his homework on his own.
"Mumma...backward numbers means towards top and left ah?"
"O.k ma.. you go.. I'll write recollecting them"


5mins later
His mom came behind him..

"Chinna!! So..You asked for this purpose...

...copying from bottom to top..!!!"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reward for an excruciating wait!!!

A lion has been waiting for his favorite food for 27 years...
He got the food...gained it, by showing his courage...attitude...and above-all showing his passion and fervor towards 'the food' !!(That's why he is happyy...)
You know this..yes..the lion referred here is.. The TEAM INDIA...The NATION INDIA..... Yupppp.... The fruit of an excruciating effort!! a painful wait!! raised our national flag high into the sky...and...awakened a bit of patriotism and pride in our nerves......!!! :)

This victory is very special...Our batch(2011 pass-outs) entered into graduation with a failure in WC and finished that stage with a Grand Success!! I completed my won WC....I won it...!!U won it..!!

My brother(younger) was very much tensed when we lost Sehwag and Sachin.."What you say?Are we going to win?? :(" I said.."wait and watch...We will be winning today...!" 
Gautam and Kohli brought the match back.....Though we felt a little pressure when we lost Kohli,it vanished after seeing the captain innings of our great captain MS Dhoni...The partnership of Gautam and Dhoni was awesome!!Little disappointed when Gautam was out at 97 :( but Yuvraj & Dhoni made us forget this disappointment....The outcome of fabulous innings is the victory....The victory that made Indians the "WORLD CHAMPIONS"! :)

Congratulations to Team INDIA....
Let us wish this victory gives us the spirit to achieve more and more...making our NATION cherish in every aspect!


Image courtesy: amazingindia,teameklavya

Saturday, April 2, 2011


                                                  Topic- "Inner Voice"
picture courtesy-ideabug thru sxc
 I was hearing many times....from many people..
the same word....
why don't they understand?
I got many friends who shower their flowers on me...
I've ma best pal 'teddy' who stays with me...

 Whenever I listen to this most hated word...
I hear a deep voice "I am just a GIRL,not an ORPHAN"

So,how is it??{I got to know today something about using images..U can go thru it here.}

Just like that #1

Hii...I am not going to discuss anything here but writing it as I feel to do so..I am gonna reveal u a secret...heehe just like that... ;) I changed design of my space almost entirely(Hmm eager to know ur opinion on it ;) ) I luv the combination of black & white(Hope this is special in a number of other combinations!!Don't u agree?) So I turned to black & white from the 'color of growing grass'. Till yesterday, I had a problem in template designer window was not operating from many days so I felt difficult to edit in html mode.I browsed for the solution and updated my browser,then it's working!!Editing is comfortable now... :)
Haa...I am done with this...and getting ready for the match today!

-->what are you waiting for?? ;) :p ohh for the secret?? :)
bye!have a nice day!

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