Saturday, April 2, 2011


                                                  Topic- "Inner Voice"
picture courtesy-ideabug thru sxc
 I was hearing many times....from many people..
the same word....
why don't they understand?
I got many friends who shower their flowers on me...
I've ma best pal 'teddy' who stays with me...

 Whenever I listen to this most hated word...
I hear a deep voice "I am just a GIRL,not an ORPHAN"

So,how is it??{I got to know today something about using images..U can go thru it here.}

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Ninu said...

hey Gowthami...

thanks a lot for lot of comments on my blog.... :) n thanks for followin toooo... :)

n another thanks for the link to my post.... hehe.. omg lot of thanks...

n abt the 55 fiction... i dint actually get the inner voice..i mean.. y the word orphan?? :O

Gowthami said...

Hi Anoop..u r a gud blogger and ur blog deserves those comments...following urs is a pleasure! :)

hehe mention not thanx on the link;)

Humm...regarding the fiction my idea is..That girl has no one except plants which shower flowers and a wheneva she listen that word(orphangirl) from ppl about herself..her heart says i am jus a girl not an orphan!!

Haa dis is my intention...but could not convey it to u..i think m bad in it... :( hummm i'll try.. 8-)

Ninu said...

hehe... no no... its not tat u cudnt convey it... its jus tat i dint get it... :)


thanks again..... ;)

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