Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Topic-Cost of too much!!

"Mom, where are you?"
"What happened beta?I am in train.. you dropped me at station this early morning"

"Heyy..It is 10 now!!"
"So.. what..mumma?"

" have your sem-exam today at 9"
"Ohh...Shittt!!Call you later bye"

He prepared well for the whole-night...humm.. have to wait till supple!!

moral->too much preparation is very dangerous...
so be like less write more ;)

btw this is a bit related to one of my classmates...
I added some salt and pepper to it..So How is the taste??

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UB said...

Hey nice post.Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Gowthami said...

M glad u like the post!!

Thaq for ur presence here..keep visiting!

Ninu said...

hadnt i commented on this already?? :O

or was it some other post?

n i cant believe it happened in real though u added salt n pepper to it.. :) n hey brave of u to write a post on the subject... tat too a 55F... :D

nice writin.. :)

PS: hey thanks a lot..for helpin me.. sorry okay... :) i m thankful to uuu... :D really

Gowthami said...


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