Thursday, April 14, 2011

Does it happen??

Does it happen?
Many times..this question always penetrate deep into my heart making my mind busy with innumerable endless thoughts.

Hmm....I am speaking about the 'anti-"corruption"'!!
We all knew that Anna Hazare succeeded in advocating the bill that eradicates the corruption in India.However, the implementation of the bill is known to the supreme being only!(You can know more from here, I did not use RTI till-date I donot know how to make use of it...I went to municipal corporation to get my birth certificate,attendant asked me to pay 100 stupidly without asking 'why' I paid him later asked for challan..he gave me challan for 20 rs...hmmm pch...Could I have used this RTI here?)

My words may be biting...but my intention here is not sarcastic.

Do you hope that India, our country, will be corruption-free in near future?
--I do not!! How many people, who supported Hazare, are not corrupted!?Anti-corruption in our country is impossible as we forgot to ask a question "why" for many years!
--We have people below the poverty line according to the Government, but some of them can fly over anywhere in the world with their passports!!
--We have govt which provide fee-reimbursement to the student who own a car...he is poor that he can not afford a graduation in Andhra but can roam on the roads in his own car!!
--We have strict traffic police here to collect fine(without challans) even when you are following the rules and regulations.
--We have inquiry-police for the passport office who come to your address to verify your place of stay and collects a sum of 500 even when all your documents are apt.( paid him 400 even I have every doc during his visit...I did not understand now why did I paid...i did not asked him why should I have to pay...I just did as everyone of my classmates did and as he asked...I had the feeling like...if i did not pay him..I may not get my let us give him....pchh...I have done a mistake! Hmm whenever I look at my passport now,I remember this incident)
--We have attendants in the municipal offices who strive for the development..and we can not get our required certificates without paying(gifting) them first.
--We have people in the country who can not get their voter-cards even when they are eligible and even when they have applied in correct manner.
--We have people in power who say a word on one-day and change it accordingly on the next-day.
--We have many development schemes with many corrupted plans behind them.
--We have people who are lazy enough to improve the constitution written long back.
--hehe we have people who try to show-off when some one is fighting for a good cause.
Since we have all the above things...we will be having CORRUPTION in our country!

Humm...I am not opposing anyone here..I am not blaming the so called Govt.I am just putting down my thoughts here so that I can not allow them eat my brain!
(Why am I writing this?)
I decided!I am not going to encourage this corruption from now.. atleast in my life.I think I can get through but I am doubted. :(
I am ending this as I am unable to write more...

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krishnareddy said...

nice blog..

Anoop said...

i agree with each n every point u mentioned here...

corruption has become a part of our lifestyle... we jus cant escape from it not matter which bill got passed...

lifeontherocks said...

what u have written is correct......its not so easy to implement....but what I believe is if Anna Hazare's movement touched your heart and your mindset towards corruption in the positive way and if it touched maybe 10 or 20 ppl more, then am sure our dear Anna would declare himself a winner. The passing of the bill is definitely something great, but what is more important is the change in our attitudes. Even I have decided on a personal level not to bow down to corruption.....but as u what extenet...lets wait and see.

Gowthami said...

@krishnareddy: thanq..keep visiting!

@Anoop:Hmm...It depends on the mind-set anoop...we can escape when we do not bend down to others and especially when we are not like...."everybody did I will.." but it depends on the situation exactly....
Leading lyf without corruption is difficult but gives us contentment... :) This contentment should be the reason for anti-corruption but not the bill or rule whateva u say..
thanks for ur response anoop... :)

Gowthami said...

Thanq so much for ur response..:)

First of all..I felt happy that Anna made this protest against corruption without corruption.. I mean to say that..he made his supporters follow him sincerely ofcourse some people shown-off there for their appearance in media....We should thank him for his initiative...

I think the passing of the bill will be a dearm!! Ofcourse if it approved, they(people in power) make it as an ordinary thing for the namesake.
If they had the real intention to remove corruption they can decentralise the members of anticorruption and can make special branches for every dist they are concerned for that dist and the corruption cases should be cleared immediately in 2 days unlike normal judicial cases...then it can be eliminated.. but this will be a dream and will be good to see in movies..In real life people in power would not approve as they are not intended to serve people and country....!!

The only thing that can be done by people is their self-commitment...If govt announces any favour for a particular sect of people(that may be reg financial basis or creed or race bais) we will see a lot of misuse by people....they create fraud docs to get the benefits though thay are not eligible.. this feeling should be changed...

Hmmm We can jus tspeak on these but will not implement...what we can do is just we can follow i mean people who are strongly committed to values...they can lead without corruption....

Glad u too decided like me...but let us see how far can we go like this..! reply is a bit-long.sorry for that....and pls keep visiting and share ur views here...u r always welcome..luv to hear ur thoughts!

lifeontherocks said...

haa haa such a long reply. but well said!!! and hey thanks so much for going thru all of my posts and leaving such awesome comments. I really appreciate it :)

Gowthami said...

@lyfonrox: hehe I didn't see the length till i complete...

Ur blog is interesting and made me go thru them...keep writing :)

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