Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just like that #1

Hii...I am not going to discuss anything here but writing it as I feel to do so..I am gonna reveal u a secret...heehe just like that... ;) I changed design of my space almost entirely(Hmm eager to know ur opinion on it ;) ) I luv the combination of black & white(Hope this is special in a number of other combinations!!Don't u agree?) So I turned to black & white from the 'color of growing grass'. Till yesterday, I had a problem in template designer window was not operating from many days so I felt difficult to edit in html mode.I browsed for the solution and updated my browser,then it's working!!Editing is comfortable now... :)
Haa...I am done with this...and getting ready for the match today!

-->what are you waiting for?? ;) :p ohh for the secret?? :)
bye!have a nice day!

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Ninu said...

hehehe... template designer sucks sometime....

n it never works in firefox :(

al the best Team India.. :)

Gowthami said...

humm... :)

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