Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reward for an excruciating wait!!!

A lion has been waiting for his favorite food for 27 years...
He got the food...gained it, by showing his courage...attitude...and above-all showing his passion and fervor towards 'the food' !!(That's why he is happyy...)
You know this..yes..the lion referred here is.. The TEAM INDIA...The NATION INDIA..... Yupppp.... The fruit of an excruciating effort!! a painful wait!! raised our national flag high into the sky...and...awakened a bit of patriotism and pride in our nerves......!!! :)

This victory is very special...Our batch(2011 pass-outs) entered into graduation with a failure in WC and finished that stage with a Grand Success!! I completed my won WC....I won it...!!U won it..!!

My brother(younger) was very much tensed when we lost Sehwag and Sachin.."What you say?Are we going to win?? :(" I said.."wait and watch...We will be winning today...!" 
Gautam and Kohli brought the match back.....Though we felt a little pressure when we lost Kohli,it vanished after seeing the captain innings of our great captain MS Dhoni...The partnership of Gautam and Dhoni was awesome!!Little disappointed when Gautam was out at 97 :( but Yuvraj & Dhoni made us forget this disappointment....The outcome of fabulous innings is the victory....The victory that made Indians the "WORLD CHAMPIONS"! :)

Congratulations to Team INDIA....
Let us wish this victory gives us the spirit to achieve more and more...making our NATION cherish in every aspect!


Image courtesy: amazingindia,teameklavya

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Ninu said...

even i was a little dissappointed cuz of gambir...out at 97... :( but dhoni had it covered... ;)

congrats to al indians...

n congrats to u...for ur :)
welcome to software industry.... :D

Vysh @The Colourful Eyes said...

yea We are the World Champs !! :)
Bravo India :)

Gowthami said...

@anoop:Thanq(haha reg completion of was proved :)

Anonymous said...

Remarkable writing. I’ve been reading contents on internet for quite long time but to tell the truth I never got something really interesting to read out unlike yours.And yes i have digg your site

Gowthami said...

Thankyou so much...keep visiting...

and do mention ur name while commenting!

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