Monday, May 30, 2011

A meeting!

"It is about to rain! And it is damn cold out..You should not go now" Her mother warned!
"No..I have to go now.."She replied back in firm voice.
"But you are suffering from severe fever and..."She stopped her mother in the middle and said "It's our day and I need to go..Bye" with these words she came out wearing a jacket to protect herself from biting cold winds.

She is happy she was going to keep her promise made to him!

A cold wind blew away...leaving her in the past memories she had with him...!

It seems as if it happened just yesterday..She remember when they were 8, she had a longing desire to fly many balloons at a time but her parents did not allow more than one...At that time it was he,who used to buy for her secretly..and they used to fly them..

On her every birthday, he used to bring a bunch of balloons to see her happy face..she used to count them and to that count she prepare her wish-list that has to be finished by her next was the same process on her birthdays.

She reached the place where they used to share many things flying balloons.Ohh...she is late by 5 mins and he was waiting for her! As usual she has her wish-list with her..
1) I wish to buy a new house for mom and dad!
2) I wish I could go to a new orphanage and offer my support!
3) I wish I could learn atleast 3 languages this time!
4) I wish I could see more smiles this time!

On thinking these....she sat on the ground beside the lake.

She is waiting for the moment and yes the wind blew again....the balloons raised into sky.. but this time they came from her hand.. instead of his!

She did not forget the cannot forget that accident, he had.. last time on her birthday.He went to buy balloons for her and had a fatal accident.Tears came rolling on her cheeks and the same time the balloons reached high into the sky...A water drop fell on her raised forehead as if it remind his lovely kiss.She loves rain on sunny morning!

Wiping her tears,she smiled and said, "Dear..!You know my 5th wish?I wish to be your little princess in my next life too.. but you should not leave me in the middle my dear brother!I love you so much and I miss you!"


                          This story(post) was written for Thursday Tales
                                       (Image courtesy here)

                  Did you like this?Make me know your response on reading it!

                 It is my first time writing a long fiction and that too linking it for TT!
                     (Pls do comment..your words(suggestions) mean alot to me!)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

six word saturday#1

Hello everyone..I am linking this on Sunday(a day late..! as I came to know this just now on this sunday night)
Hope you will enjoy my six words!
And this is the first time for me.. showing my face at cate's show my face for 6 word saturdays!

Wonderful Holidays--Days spent with Family!!!

And I hope I would be regular to Cate's space on every saturday with my 6 words!
what about you..?Wanna show your face..then come straight to this space

Drop you comment here on my 6 is my first attempt..and ur comments mean alot to me!!


My first attempt....!

Hii..I just tried my hands at Haiku...Came to know this through Haiku Heights!(Donno whether it is a haiku that I wrote here...!?)

Please take the pain in correcting me(if I am wrong)

                                                                   Topic- Trance.
                                                           His charming face, made
                                                           me forget everything, is
                                                           this trance?It's his grace!!


I do not know whether the thing I wrote comes under haiku or not...ok..there is always a first for everything..!right?
Kindly make me know about this..(if wrong pls mention so that I can correct)

Have a happy sunday!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well friends...there is always a first time for everything...right..!?

A first time when u get accolades from your people..
first time when you get severe criticism..
first time when you show your love on your dear ones...
first time when you felt pain...
hehe...first time when you tried your hands at a new recipe....

We do not forget these things when happened for a first time in our lives....what do u say? is my first time of getting an award for my space(blog)! :)
This was given by my most favorite fellow blogger friend ~Madhumathi~
She is an expressive blogger...Thanks so much madhu... I am displaying it..
finally.. here it is.. per the rules described..I need to convey seven facts about me and I should pass this award to few fellow bloggers...
(Do I need to say 7 seems a big number to me now)

O.K....starting with num 7

#7) I love cleanliness(err..everyone on earth loves it..why do I mention it now..may be as..I just had a quarrel with my bro for not keeping the room neat! ) I can never stand in a room that contains a pile of clothes and blankets...thrown over an unmade bed! Often..this happens a reason to fight with him(my brother)

#6) I love reading books...of any genre!one of my favorite pastimes...

#5) I love music...and this can be of any genre too...And I love dancing...hmm...damn fact is I love classical dance and I performed it when I was in school...(I am not a classical dancer..but knew some basics like Adavus..)

#4) I am a vegetarian...(And the fact is I can cook... :P :) ) and I think eating meat as a tasty murder!

#3) I am sensitive and a deep-thinker above all an optimist!

#2) I am lucky!!!

#1) All the statements above are facts! ;)

Hmmm these are seven facts about me!'s time to pass this award...
So...thinking...well..I wish to give this to all my dear fellow blogger friends..!
(order do not matter)

Here are the wonderful stylish bloggers...

Anuroop Reddy- my first blogger friend(Thanks for your support anuroop.)Btw he is an impressive writer...Do check his stories and u'll agree with what I said!

Anoop- much senior to me(in blogging) and definitely a stylish blogger!(Thanks alot for your support Anoop)

Anju- another stylish blogger...who has many skills...(she is a doctor by profession but manages her two blogs pretty well...this shows her interest)Do check her blogs to know many things!Thanks a bunch Anju..!

Aiswarya- I came across her blog recently and I loved it...

Prathima- Aww..this is a colorful blog...Came across this recently.keep visiting prathima and keep writing...

Prudhvi- Another recent blogger I came to know....keep writing and thanx for your encouraging comments!

Nidhi- Another new stylish blogger..!

Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award.
Share seven things about yourself.
Spread the love and honor. Award recently discovered bloggers.
Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Smile"-> Production num-1

Before scrolling your eyes here!

Welcome back to the scene...

I was in my intermediate(first year) and it was the month of march--a month of exams!
I used to start from home at 7.15 so that I could reach the examination center by 7.40 or so..our board xam starts at 8 A.M. Mom accompanied me for the first day and the second day I said her that I can go myself..Ofcourse dad came along with me on that day,I remember, it was the day for English exam.I waved back to dad after reaching there and dad left me wishing a gud luck.I smiled and went straight to the display board to check out my number.Hmm I got the room no and asked where the room is located and went there.

I was happy that day..and entered into the examination hall.A tall thin man was an invigilator and I shown him my hall-ticket,Ofcourse he did not pay much attention to it.I went to my place and received answer script.Btw it was 7.55 or so..I was using the scale and pencil..and busy in partitioning the page with margins.I felt somebody infront of me.

A guy is standing before me with pens,pencils..etc...He stretched his hand to some extent towards me and said something which was not audible at all.I said "Yes,I have them too..Thankyou" thinking that he was asking me to take them...His face shown his irritation..I did not understand..Meanwhile invigilator asked him what the issue was...and he said "This is my place".Now I understood the reason behind his rapid breathes.(I thought, He was late and did not check his number correctly in a hurry).I said smiling "No,It's mine.. Did you check your number?"

I said this and started to check mine too..."Shiittt..It's not my number!" "I am sorry..o.k. all the best" I said hurriedly and collected my things and started running towards display board(For the people who knew guntur,my center was Hindu college and it is a large building,It was 8.10 already)I was in a hurry and some lecturer helped me find my actual room,the Zoology lab...went there..took my question paper and laid on the desk smiling at my blunder for 1 or 2 mins.Later finished my exam well.

How stupidly I said..."Yes,I have them too.. thankyou" seeing pens in his hands! :)

Do you have this kind of experience?
This turned out into a bit long post...Will try to make these short from next one.
Like to know your response!


Smile...! :)

hiii friend!

I should thank you as you made me smile!
If you are with a puzzled face thinking about the reason behind my smile...I say...
My scribblings in my space just crossed the number 25...a silver jubilee!? ;) :)
Ofcourse 'number' is not at all important..!
Donno how far I was in writing..
But I will try to put here everything I wish to...

As this made me thought of starting a collection...yes, a collection of some memories...that can made you smile!(I hope)
From today I would be writing some incidents in ma life that made me smile...or else that made the people around me smile!
Hope this will entertain you!

If you wish to come straight into my sweet memories...just smile!
And Don't forget to give your feedback about them as this encourages me to write more!
Get ready to


Monday, May 16, 2011


I wish to write something else but changed my opinion in no time...Don't know the reason...
It seems like.. I was bitten by a bug named 55Fiction(a micro fiction which can contain a maximum of 55 words) ;) 
This bug made me put this thought into words first before going to something else...So I,left with no option, decided to write this.. and you,please take the pain to go thru this for this time.. I think..I might be boring u with my fictions and felt to give a break to 55Fs..

She is just like the same..

The curve on her pink lips with dimple on right cheek brought memories back...yes it is the same lovely smile!

Even her eyes convey the same message...
She feels very happy as she became a mother for her mother,who came back for her..after the fatal accident!


How is it finally??

Got this on the mother's day.. :)

This is dedicated to my mom(my mother's younger sister) whose soul was resting in peace.


Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hii...Here is my another fiction 55...just to carry your mind away from my previous post...

For those people who are new to 55Fiction..It is a form of micro fiction that can contain a maximum of 55 words.


I never found such love in eyes I met so far...
Never found such charm in any face till date...

I asked, "Love you...I need with me!"

His smile made my fears fade...
His love made me feel it in everything...

He is with me.. will be.. forever..HE is...


I enjoyed very much..writing this...
Donno...whether it turned out good or not...but my most liked 55F.

What about you?
Do you like it too..??
Let me know your response!
Hare Krishna! :)


I thought I should not speak on this...But,...o.k I'll say the reason for doing this at the end.

I tell you.. my intention here is not to hurt anyone but is just to give my mind some space and peace!I feel I have my freedom to speak on any issue here in my space.(??!!)

Well..You might have understood by seeing the title itself...yes the thing that has been eating away my brain for last 2 days...'terrorism..Laden's death..issues regarding these'!

I was shocked at hearing the news that Laden was killed in an operation.It seemed like a horror movie when I connected the things I heard altogether...there aroused many doubts...any help in clearing those stupid questions is appreciated!How come the president of U.S wish to carry out an operation against Laden just now?He can do this as soon as he came into power..but why not?Why did Pakistani ministers say they do not know the presence of Laden?Is it a true statement?How did the team enter into another country without their permission..that too for an operation against Laden?Who gave the power to do whatever they wish to do...? Is it just because they are 'developed'? Is it not this nation responsible for 2 wars and is it not responsible for the growth of terrorism in such manner?

I am not supporting the deeds of the expired terrorist here I never advocate them...but think a while before feeling happy for his death...We were hearing the word 'India is a developing country' for many years and there are some other nation similar to our country who always wish to be ruled but not to be independent... why can not we take independent decisions..?Why this so called 'developed Nation' always interferes in the internal matters of other it to make them feel underdeveloped?who asked to settle the matters? Why do they encourage the war-forces and nuclear-weapons initially?Can a mentally fit and intellegent person develop such a hatred towards such developed nation without any fault of it??

I know we suffered alot and many people died because of the killed terrorist....He should be punished... but is it accepted when he was killed in such manner...?Why do they drop his dead-body in the sea?
I am not happy for he was dead and was not at all happy when many people died because of him...I was just saying the things that were happening around....everything happens for a reason...and there are some persons who gain benefits for his 'immediate' death.

I feel happy when our nation takes its decisions independently...Lets wish there could be no such marks of terrorism(!!!???Will it be..?I

There are many more questions lingering in my mind....but I feel to stop it here...
Actually when I speak like this on such matters dad always says 'stop thinking on those politics' This is one of my qualities 'reacting on the social issues and to other's statements', the quality I like and dislike in myself!!
I have a very good friend who always has patience to listen to my every stupid thought but was busy from two days that I can speak this to him...So tried to vent out my thoughts here.

P.S-Don't think on them much!!These things happen as always they happen.....and we lead our lives as nothing happened..feeling that nothing happened to 'me'..!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well friends, am here again with another 55 Fiction!Don't know whether it will work out!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Well telling about 55 fiction it can be called as "Micro-Fiction". It contains characters, a plot.. where the story revolves!
It contains a maximum of 55 words. so, here is my another fiction..wish to listen your feedback :)


"You can end the game.. please stop it, I am not interested to play"

"I can't..I said this, before sending u there.."

"If you are not interested in playing for for your team..You should play till the time-out..."


"He is out of danger,rescued from his suicide-attempt", Doctor said :)

Life is a game right and we are here to play as long as we have to...right??
Whatever may be your problems.. they are not bigger than your determination.. that helps you solve them.
Is not it??

How's it finally?pls drop your comment on my 55 Fiction.


Monday, May 2, 2011

During a short 'break'!!!

Hiiii......How u doing?Hope u r fine and healthy.. :)

It's been about 10 days since I wrote anything here...
I'm share my experiences during these days :)

Well..I will start from here...
I finished my final project review on 20th of this month...hehe that was memorable..managed well...!my last lab xam was on 21st and completed it successfully...humm we(nagarjuna univ ppl) are the only final yr students to hav lab in final sem :( din't understand the purpose.. but ok as it is the finished task..let it be!

I completed year...everything regarding :)
Finally left wid loads of memories...I am not sad and I am not happy's a mixed feeling! Enjoyed it can never be felt again :)

Humm...since my holidays will be planned before hand..atleast for some days in holidays.. ohff my holidays started from 22nd of this month(u knw, i crave for holidays since i was child to till-date)

My Entire family[mom-dad,bro,{mom-dad(dad's younger bro nd his wife)}, nanamma-thathayya(dad's parents) and ammumma..I am blessed with a nice loving family :) ] is waiting for the completion of my college-work...It was planned that we ought to spend a week days with my grand parents in our we thought of leaving there on friday morning(i.e on 22nd)Hehe some times events will not be in our hand happened on that day...It rained on friday morning...njoyed it sooooo much...I luv rain in the 'chaitra maasa' :)

Jus imagine.. how nice it would be when it rains suddenly on a the middle of the hot cool it will be(ofcourse we have to face more impact of the sun from the day after rain :( )

Humm It was raining when I got up from bed at 6.00 A.M(sorry when I was forced to get up :( )...Umm...enjoyed for some time..watching the beautiful rain drops falling on the green leaves..which in turn added beauty to them.... :)

I felt rain after many many days...!Mom forced me to get ready as we have to leave got ready...It's raining still...I prepared tea on my own(u knw i make it very tasty..wait..I do not take tea regularly but opt for it when I feel to do so.. ;) )
Awww....I still enjoy this when I remember...I sat beside window watching the rain outside..sipping hot tasty-tea..listening to my favorite songs...!umm it din't stop....raining continuously.. We should take time to enjoy the nature's bliss...right??

we thought to postpone our trip...this made me happy surprisingly..(becos I m kinda girl who luvs to spend wid family).. spent more time feeling rain...listening songs..I had my little niece with us as she has summer holidays now...hehe I made paper-boats (for her) and we made them float in rain water...I was a child again...enjoyed alot....

Humm it rained the whole day and stopped by the evening.We started to our home in the evening and spent that night discussing issues...had a nice dinner and slept...
The chirping sounds of birds woke me up and the early morning Sun showered his rays on me so that their warmth wake me...uhmm I woke up finally....Enjoyed that morning delight after a rainy night....
From that day till day began with birds voice instead of my mobile alarm noons...fresh and cool air during evenings...I spent experimenting some 'special' recipes..watching good old telugu movies(I like them)....hmmm a lot more in these days..(can't say here ;) )..finally I can say in one word....'enjoyed' everything!Take some time to spend wid ur grand parents...and wid ur family...u'll feel the feel that they are for u 4ever...It can replace the facilities or luxuries offered by the electronic gadgets...what u say?
I enjoyed being with them all these days...

But I missed you....(I missed ma blog and a reader like u ;) :D )
{ blog visits crossed 1000...yaaappyyy...happy.... :) ;) }
so...njoy dis summer...take care of ur health and be happy...
btw stay tuned to ma blog...! :)

With Love,
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