Monday, May 16, 2011


I wish to write something else but changed my opinion in no time...Don't know the reason...
It seems like.. I was bitten by a bug named 55Fiction(a micro fiction which can contain a maximum of 55 words) ;) 
This bug made me put this thought into words first before going to something else...So I,left with no option, decided to write this.. and you,please take the pain to go thru this for this time.. I think..I might be boring u with my fictions and felt to give a break to 55Fs..

She is just like the same..

The curve on her pink lips with dimple on right cheek brought memories back...yes it is the same lovely smile!

Even her eyes convey the same message...
She feels very happy as she became a mother for her mother,who came back for her..after the fatal accident!


How is it finally??

Got this on the mother's day.. :)

This is dedicated to my mom(my mother's younger sister) whose soul was resting in peace.


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Anuroop reddy said...

Good one Gowthami :)

Gowthami said...

Thanks a bunch anuroop :)

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