Monday, May 2, 2011

During a short 'break'!!!

Hiiii......How u doing?Hope u r fine and healthy.. :)

It's been about 10 days since I wrote anything here...
I'm share my experiences during these days :)

Well..I will start from here...
I finished my final project review on 20th of this month...hehe that was memorable..managed well...!my last lab xam was on 21st and completed it successfully...humm we(nagarjuna univ ppl) are the only final yr students to hav lab in final sem :( din't understand the purpose.. but ok as it is the finished task..let it be!

I completed year...everything regarding :)
Finally left wid loads of memories...I am not sad and I am not happy's a mixed feeling! Enjoyed it can never be felt again :)

Humm...since my holidays will be planned before hand..atleast for some days in holidays.. ohff my holidays started from 22nd of this month(u knw, i crave for holidays since i was child to till-date)

My Entire family[mom-dad,bro,{mom-dad(dad's younger bro nd his wife)}, nanamma-thathayya(dad's parents) and ammumma..I am blessed with a nice loving family :) ] is waiting for the completion of my college-work...It was planned that we ought to spend a week days with my grand parents in our we thought of leaving there on friday morning(i.e on 22nd)Hehe some times events will not be in our hand happened on that day...It rained on friday morning...njoyed it sooooo much...I luv rain in the 'chaitra maasa' :)

Jus imagine.. how nice it would be when it rains suddenly on a the middle of the hot cool it will be(ofcourse we have to face more impact of the sun from the day after rain :( )

Humm It was raining when I got up from bed at 6.00 A.M(sorry when I was forced to get up :( )...Umm...enjoyed for some time..watching the beautiful rain drops falling on the green leaves..which in turn added beauty to them.... :)

I felt rain after many many days...!Mom forced me to get ready as we have to leave got ready...It's raining still...I prepared tea on my own(u knw i make it very tasty..wait..I do not take tea regularly but opt for it when I feel to do so.. ;) )
Awww....I still enjoy this when I remember...I sat beside window watching the rain outside..sipping hot tasty-tea..listening to my favorite songs...!umm it din't stop....raining continuously.. We should take time to enjoy the nature's bliss...right??

we thought to postpone our trip...this made me happy surprisingly..(becos I m kinda girl who luvs to spend wid family).. spent more time feeling rain...listening songs..I had my little niece with us as she has summer holidays now...hehe I made paper-boats (for her) and we made them float in rain water...I was a child again...enjoyed alot....

Humm it rained the whole day and stopped by the evening.We started to our home in the evening and spent that night discussing issues...had a nice dinner and slept...
The chirping sounds of birds woke me up and the early morning Sun showered his rays on me so that their warmth wake me...uhmm I woke up finally....Enjoyed that morning delight after a rainy night....
From that day till day began with birds voice instead of my mobile alarm noons...fresh and cool air during evenings...I spent experimenting some 'special' recipes..watching good old telugu movies(I like them)....hmmm a lot more in these days..(can't say here ;) )..finally I can say in one word....'enjoyed' everything!Take some time to spend wid ur grand parents...and wid ur family...u'll feel the feel that they are for u 4ever...It can replace the facilities or luxuries offered by the electronic gadgets...what u say?
I enjoyed being with them all these days...

But I missed you....(I missed ma blog and a reader like u ;) :D )
{ blog visits crossed 1000...yaaappyyy...happy.... :) ;) }
so...njoy dis summer...take care of ur health and be happy...
btw stay tuned to ma blog...! :)

With Love,

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Anoop said...

wow.... welcome to the world of engineers..... :)

Gowthami said...

Thanx alot Anoop :)

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