Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well friends...there is always a first time for everything...right..!?

A first time when u get accolades from your people..
first time when you get severe criticism..
first time when you show your love on your dear ones...
first time when you felt pain...
hehe...first time when you tried your hands at a new recipe....

We do not forget these things when happened for a first time in our lives....what do u say? is my first time of getting an award for my space(blog)! :)
This was given by my most favorite fellow blogger friend ~Madhumathi~
She is an expressive blogger...Thanks so much madhu... I am displaying it..
finally.. here it is.. per the rules described..I need to convey seven facts about me and I should pass this award to few fellow bloggers...
(Do I need to say 7 seems a big number to me now)

O.K....starting with num 7

#7) I love cleanliness(err..everyone on earth loves it..why do I mention it now..may be as..I just had a quarrel with my bro for not keeping the room neat! ) I can never stand in a room that contains a pile of clothes and blankets...thrown over an unmade bed! Often..this happens a reason to fight with him(my brother)

#6) I love reading books...of any genre!one of my favorite pastimes...

#5) I love music...and this can be of any genre too...And I love dancing...hmm...damn fact is I love classical dance and I performed it when I was in school...(I am not a classical dancer..but knew some basics like Adavus..)

#4) I am a vegetarian...(And the fact is I can cook... :P :) ) and I think eating meat as a tasty murder!

#3) I am sensitive and a deep-thinker above all an optimist!

#2) I am lucky!!!

#1) All the statements above are facts! ;)

Hmmm these are seven facts about me!'s time to pass this award...
So...thinking...well..I wish to give this to all my dear fellow blogger friends..!
(order do not matter)

Here are the wonderful stylish bloggers...

Anuroop Reddy- my first blogger friend(Thanks for your support anuroop.)Btw he is an impressive writer...Do check his stories and u'll agree with what I said!

Anoop- much senior to me(in blogging) and definitely a stylish blogger!(Thanks alot for your support Anoop)

Anju- another stylish blogger...who has many skills...(she is a doctor by profession but manages her two blogs pretty well...this shows her interest)Do check her blogs to know many things!Thanks a bunch Anju..!

Aiswarya- I came across her blog recently and I loved it...

Prathima- Aww..this is a colorful blog...Came across this recently.keep visiting prathima and keep writing...

Prudhvi- Another recent blogger I came to know....keep writing and thanx for your encouraging comments!

Nidhi- Another new stylish blogger..!

Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award.
Share seven things about yourself.
Spread the love and honor. Award recently discovered bloggers.
Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

12 nice people shared their opinions!:

... Madhumathi ... said...

I can relate those facts with me :D well, xcept dat cleanliness.. :P I can withstand evn in a room vch messed up! :P

Optimist <3 :)

Btw, nice post..and nice bloggers too!! I appreciate der blogs...:)

Cheers ^_^


Gowthami said...

Aww...Thanks so much madhu :)
with luv,

£arthieeee...... said...

firstly luvd the complete blog..
nd appreciating others nd their blogs...... seriously cooooooool
luvd it

Gowthami said...

And they deserve it :)

Nidhi said...

omg! I am honoured Gowthami. Thanks a TON!

Gowthami said...

@nidhi:Hehe..u deserve it!
Enjoyed making you smile with this..

Keep writing...and hope u'll get more like this..

Happy sunday,

Aishwarya Nagula said...


Prathima gangadhar said...

awww this is really sweet of you thank you soo much dear,you so generous and loyal thank ones again :)

Anuroop reddy said...

You are so sweet Gowthami.., Thank you so much! :)

lifeontherocks said...

hi gowthami. thanks soooooo much. seeing this only now. i have not been keeping well all these days. sorry for the late response. congrats on ur first ever blog award!!! rock on :)

Vijay Rai said...

appreciable work!!

Gowthami said...

Thanks so much...keep visitng!
I wish to see you more in my space!

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