Monday, May 30, 2011

A meeting!

"It is about to rain! And it is damn cold out..You should not go now" Her mother warned!
"No..I have to go now.."She replied back in firm voice.
"But you are suffering from severe fever and..."She stopped her mother in the middle and said "It's our day and I need to go..Bye" with these words she came out wearing a jacket to protect herself from biting cold winds.

She is happy she was going to keep her promise made to him!

A cold wind blew away...leaving her in the past memories she had with him...!

It seems as if it happened just yesterday..She remember when they were 8, she had a longing desire to fly many balloons at a time but her parents did not allow more than one...At that time it was he,who used to buy for her secretly..and they used to fly them..

On her every birthday, he used to bring a bunch of balloons to see her happy face..she used to count them and to that count she prepare her wish-list that has to be finished by her next was the same process on her birthdays.

She reached the place where they used to share many things flying balloons.Ohh...she is late by 5 mins and he was waiting for her! As usual she has her wish-list with her..
1) I wish to buy a new house for mom and dad!
2) I wish I could go to a new orphanage and offer my support!
3) I wish I could learn atleast 3 languages this time!
4) I wish I could see more smiles this time!

On thinking these....she sat on the ground beside the lake.

She is waiting for the moment and yes the wind blew again....the balloons raised into sky.. but this time they came from her hand.. instead of his!

She did not forget the cannot forget that accident, he had.. last time on her birthday.He went to buy balloons for her and had a fatal accident.Tears came rolling on her cheeks and the same time the balloons reached high into the sky...A water drop fell on her raised forehead as if it remind his lovely kiss.She loves rain on sunny morning!

Wiping her tears,she smiled and said, "Dear..!You know my 5th wish?I wish to be your little princess in my next life too.. but you should not leave me in the middle my dear brother!I love you so much and I miss you!"


                          This story(post) was written for Thursday Tales
                                       (Image courtesy here)

                  Did you like this?Make me know your response on reading it!

                 It is my first time writing a long fiction and that too linking it for TT!
                     (Pls do comment..your words(suggestions) mean alot to me!)

17 nice people shared their opinions!:

£arthieeee...... said...

no words...
just awesoooome...:D
luvd everything..:-)
keep bloggn as much as yu can...luv to read each and every blog of yurs...:D

Gowthami said...

Thanks so much prudhvi :)

Sri said...

Tender feelings, emotions, love...they all seem so painful when someone is left without a person to shower it on... losing a loved one is always tough,..but life goes on.

Very touching plot...well written. Keep blogging.

Gowthami said...

@Sri:Yes ur statements are so true...
losing a loved one is an unbearable and incurable pain... but life keeps going...!

Thanks so much...keep visiting!

Kalyan said...

Life is all part of this game of happiness and moments of agony....well written!

Gowthami said...

Yes..Life is a blend of agony and ecstasy!
Thanks...keep visiting :)

Anuroop reddy said...

You improved a lot Gowthami .. :)
touching plot..

All the best for the contest :)

Gowthami said...

Thanx so much anuroop...

Matthew J. Marlieu said...

Fun Little story. It's nice to dwell on happy memories sometimes.

Anoop said...

awesome story!!! really loved d plot... :D

P.S sorry to point this the text widget below the email id...has to be modified... :D
jus thought u shud knw!! :)

Gowthami said...

Glad u liked the story.. :)

hey no need to say sorry..I tried to edit but it did not work somehow.. so left it with a second thought of changing my template..

Thanks for commenting and following me too..keep visiting!

Leo said...

It is well woven, and very well executed too :) No need for thanks! Its quite fine..

Gowthami said...


Thanks so much for your encouragement.
You are doing a great job..(hosting these blogs where we can learn more!)

Prathima gangadhar said...

wow really touching loved every bit of it keep posting xoxo..

Gowthami said...

Thanks prathima :)

Romeo Das said...

Nice writeup Gowthami! Enjoyed my stay here. Keep blogging :)

Gowthami said...

@Romeo Das: Awww..thankyou so much...It's a lovely compliment! Keep visiting :)

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