Sunday, May 29, 2011

My first attempt....!

Hii..I just tried my hands at Haiku...Came to know this through Haiku Heights!(Donno whether it is a haiku that I wrote here...!?)

Please take the pain in correcting me(if I am wrong)

                                                                   Topic- Trance.
                                                           His charming face, made
                                                           me forget everything, is
                                                           this trance?It's his grace!!


I do not know whether the thing I wrote comes under haiku or not...ok..there is always a first for everything..!right?
Kindly make me know about this..(if wrong pls mention so that I can correct)

Have a happy sunday!

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... Madhumathi ... said...

Aw..freely flowing words! and exact truth in my case! :) *Krishna* <3 :)

It's haiku .. no doubt.. but u r on d basic level of writing haiku's ! nd if you wanna know more about haiku's.. visit those ppl's blogs who rite haiku's :)

You'll surely get used to it!
These lines are so true...again
Cheers ^_^

Gowthami said...

whoa...u made my day madhu...
thanx a ton...!I was waiting for ur response..thnx dear!

yup...I do visit and learn.. :)
have a hapy sunday!
With luv,

... Madhumathi ... said...

Added in facebook! :)


Jyoti Mishra said...

I don't knw wat Haiku is
but those 3 lines r really beautiful !!!

Leo said...

I second Madhumathi on her comment. The best way to learn to write haiku is to read others who do. You nailed it syllable-wise anyways :) Hope to see you around on HH. Do link this over there, in our Link widget.

Gowthami said...

I just came across this yesterday..Haiku is a japanese English translation it means a short poem of 3 lines with 17 syllables...
you can find more about it by clicking on link in ma post..
You can write a beautiful haiku..try ur hands at it..(I have gone thru ur blog and ur poems...they are awesome)

Thanks for your comment... :)
keep visiting!

Gowthami said...


Thanks so much!!
Yes..I will definitely read and I liked it!
And Yup..I nailed it following syllable count..

And sure Its my pleasure to go thru those artistic haikus written by versatile bloggers like you...

Thanks again :)

Anoop said...

i never heard of haiku.. :D but 3 line poem is nice.. :D

n yes i saw ur explanation abt it.. :) its completely new to me.. :D

yes long time no see, no posts nothin..runnin outa topics.. :((

Isha Ethera Tirawa said...

I love it. Id say its perfect. <3

Mohinee said...

Loved the Haiku dear! Truly divine with deepest meaning! in just 3 lines!

Thanks for following my blog too!

Henry Clemmons said...

Great haiku, first try or not. Super.

Judith C Evans said...

Lovely words and sentiments...very nice!

Gowthami said...

@Isha: Thanks alot..!
I have gone thru urs...Its damn beautiful...and ur pic was apt to ur words...thanx for commenting it took me to high spirit!keep visiting :)

@Mohinee:Aww...Thanks so muchh!! It's my pleasure following you... urs is an awesome space of varied things..especially I loved the way u write on divine things and Indian culture!Thanx alot for ur wonderful words...Its an encouragement to me...thnx for following me...!

@Henry:Glad you liked it!And yes,it's my first attempt!keep visiting!

@Evans:Thanks a bunch...glad u felt it!

@all:Thnx so much..ur words mean a lot to me!keep coming!


Jingle said...

you did amazing job.
keep it up.


Gowthami said...

Thanks so much jingle :)

beccagivens said...

First attempt? Well done!!! Keep going - you will be hooked before long!!

Gowthami said...

@beccagivens:Thanks so much..ur words are an encouragement!keep visiting :)

mindlovemisery said...

Amazing haiku I like your take on the prompt

Olive Tree said...

Gowthami, I just started getting to know haiku not that long ago too, and I loved your first one here. I would say just read others and do a little bit of a google search on haiku. Whatever you do, just don't stop writing! Have a wonderful week.

Gowthami said...

@mindlovemisery: Thanks so much! keep visiting :)

@Olive tree:
Thanks a lot...yup I agree with you..I need to go..
Thanks so much for ur encouraging words..keep visiting..and I hope you too have a great week!

Someone is Special said...

amazing haiku.. you get a new follower from today..

Someone is Special

Gowthami said...

@Sis:Thankyou so much :)
Dint understand abt the follower..

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