Sunday, May 29, 2011

six word saturday#1

Hello everyone..I am linking this on Sunday(a day late..! as I came to know this just now on this sunday night)
Hope you will enjoy my six words!
And this is the first time for me.. showing my face at cate's show my face for 6 word saturdays!

Wonderful Holidays--Days spent with Family!!!

And I hope I would be regular to Cate's space on every saturday with my 6 words!
what about you..?Wanna show your face..then come straight to this space

Drop you comment here on my 6 is my first attempt..and ur comments mean alot to me!!


2 nice people shared their opinions!:

£arthieeee...... said...

nyce tat yu spent yur holidayz wit yur family nd luvd it...i even luv that..
hey tats coooooooooool shown yur face at cate's show.
luvd the way yu blogged,,,!!

Gowthami said...

@prudhvi:Thanks :)

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