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Welcome back to the scene...

I was in my intermediate(first year) and it was the month of march--a month of exams!
I used to start from home at 7.15 so that I could reach the examination center by 7.40 or so..our board xam starts at 8 A.M. Mom accompanied me for the first day and the second day I said her that I can go myself..Ofcourse dad came along with me on that day,I remember, it was the day for English exam.I waved back to dad after reaching there and dad left me wishing a gud luck.I smiled and went straight to the display board to check out my number.Hmm I got the room no and asked where the room is located and went there.

I was happy that day..and entered into the examination hall.A tall thin man was an invigilator and I shown him my hall-ticket,Ofcourse he did not pay much attention to it.I went to my place and received answer script.Btw it was 7.55 or so..I was using the scale and pencil..and busy in partitioning the page with margins.I felt somebody infront of me.

A guy is standing before me with pens,pencils..etc...He stretched his hand to some extent towards me and said something which was not audible at all.I said "Yes,I have them too..Thankyou" thinking that he was asking me to take them...His face shown his irritation..I did not understand..Meanwhile invigilator asked him what the issue was...and he said "This is my place".Now I understood the reason behind his rapid breathes.(I thought, He was late and did not check his number correctly in a hurry).I said smiling "No,It's mine.. Did you check your number?"

I said this and started to check mine too..."Shiittt..It's not my number!" "I am sorry..o.k. all the best" I said hurriedly and collected my things and started running towards display board(For the people who knew guntur,my center was Hindu college and it is a large building,It was 8.10 already)I was in a hurry and some lecturer helped me find my actual room,the Zoology lab...went there..took my question paper and laid on the desk smiling at my blunder for 1 or 2 mins.Later finished my exam well.

How stupidly I said..."Yes,I have them too.. thankyou" seeing pens in his hands! :)

Do you have this kind of experience?
This turned out into a bit long post...Will try to make these short from next one.
Like to know your response!


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Anoop said...

hey this is not a long post.. :D omg tats really funny and scary at the same time..omg i cant think of a situation like tat...though i hav had a similar one.. :D

wil write abt it... ur post inspired me.. :D :)

Gowthami said...

Hi welcome!
hmm yes it's funny and scary...I smile when I recall his expressions at that time...

He he..glad u had a similar experience..write it even I wish to know that.. :)
Thanx for responding...keep visiting!

lifeontherocks said...

never had an experience like that....but its funny the way u wrote"i have the pen too" :D

Gowthami said...

Hehe...I do not understand how I thought like that... :( :)

lifeontherocks said...

hey thanks for the comment.dont worry i havent reached THAT level of ghajini YET lol. I am Anju, Doctor and I hail from Kerala :)

... Madhumathi ... said...

It happend to me!!! but in 10th class.. not d same thing.. but similar kind..

Well, lemme xplain :) nd read dis if u hav patience.. :D

Achly my 10th class center was a huge building having many many blocks..All my frenz saw der hall-ticket nd sat in der respective classes, i was alone accompanied vth few of my guy classmates.. :( my room was named as "12th class" so, i was chekin' dat class.. NO ONE COULD FIND THE CLASS!! I roamed all d blocks for atleast 10 times!! nd atlast.. one of my classmate found dat class..phewww!!! dat 12th class was written in MILLIMETER Size dat even a gud sight human will not identify dem! d nxt day.. my room changd again... i thot i was placed in d same block, so was roaming all upstairs nd downstairs for my room.. BUT.. with UTTER FAILURE, i could not find it.. nd again d same guy found d classroom.. in another block!! huh!! .. :'( I always reached d room with sweat nd tense!! :( but i wrote my xams well nd got 92% :) :) my most memorable days.. :)


Well, I ended der.. dont curse.. its too long dan ur post,i suppose :'(


and.. i like d idea of urs :) keep sharing :)!!

Gowthami said...

Hey Vidya..
Its not at all long..Enjoyed reading it alot..Thanks for sharing ur experience...U made me smile :)

Yup I will share my memories and I expect u to do the same here wid me.. Glad to hear from u..

Thanks so much for ur support!

Sorcerer said...

That's one funny post!
I miss those days when I skipped the campus
Now I want to be in the campus
Free Wifi that is!

Gowthami said...


Yup..We tend to go back to the moments which made us happy..and Campus life is one of those!

Thanq..keep visiting :)

... Madhumathi ... said...

Hey Gowthami!

Here is a small gift - in honor to your tireless blogging - I'm so glad to share you 'Stylish blogger award' . Please visit to know more:-

Smile...(As you always say on my blog! :) )


Gowthami said...

Aww...Thanks sooo muchhh madhu :)

With smiles,

Sri said...

lol... that was so funny. :-)

Thia reminds me of an incident with me during school days. Once, during my exams, I had arrived much earlier than the scheduled time and was studying in the exam hall. 15 mins before the paper commenced, I cleared out my desk and left my bag with the books outside the hall...keeping only the writing pad, hall ticket and compass box with me. Halfway through the paper, I suddenly discovered that a guidebook that I was referring to, was under my desk. Was so tensed and scared at that time. If I got caught, then the supervisor would think that I was copying,..lol. I was in this state for a few minutes, and then finally decided it was safer to tell her that this book was accidentally still left in my seat, and that I just discovered it, than to risk being caught that way. Thankfully, she believed me :-)...lol

Gowthami said...

Ohhh...such a scaring experience u had..

hehe u made me smile thru ur comment..glad u shared this :)

keep visiting and responding!

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