Thursday, June 9, 2011

Empathy..for a relationship!

I wish to write something today...but in no mood to start a new I checked the list of draft-posts which I left in the middle..huh so today I completed this thing..Don't know how it turned out..but I feel I completed it!

Srikar and Sameera are in love with each other and with their parents' blessings they got married,a year before.Both of them work in different MNCs.Both of them have good friends and Anvesh is close friend of Sameera.
One day Srikar saw a paper on the table after returning home from an important conference.It says that

Dear Sri,
Got a phone-call from Dad,he needs my presence urgently. Something is fishy there so I am going. You don't worry about me, Anvesh is accompanying me and do take care yourself.
She returned after 2 days.
Sameera: What happened to your mobile?I called you many times but no response...
Srikar:It's none of your business..
Sameera:what??What are you speaking..?I returned just now and you did not ask me the reason I went for..
Srikar:Ha..I do not need it...Hmm I think it's known to the person who has to know na...
Sameera:What do you mean?
Srikar:I mean your dearest friend might be knowing the reason na...He cares you.. right?How much interest he should have to be with you for these 2 days instead of his busy schedule...
Sameera:what do u mean srikar?So u are doubting our friendship and you are questioning me...I did not expect this from you..
Sameera:Is it for this sake I married you, convincing my parents..?
Srikar:I don't know

The argument continued in this way and finally both of them got irritated.With such feeling they decided to break-up with no other second thought.
She returned after 2 days.
Sameera: What happened to your mobile?I called you many times but no response...
Srikar:It's none of your business..
Sameera:Is it?hmm who is the person other than me on this Earth has the right to know?
Srikar:I don't know and you don't interfere in my things..
Sameera:hehe I am the one who should Don't you wish to listen my words dear..?The reason behind dad's call..?
Srikar:I don't need it...Your friend knew it na.. it's enough for u..How much interest he should have to be with you for these 2 days instead of his busy schedule...
Sameera:Humm...I am sorry ma..I should have told you first but as u are in an important work,I felt not to disturb you and went..I am sorry sri..
Srikar:I don't need...
Sameera:I am sorry
Srikar:You left me alone...
Sameera:hm..I must be punished for that..but let that be later...I said you sorry na..please forget it dear..I luv u.. u'll not let this happen again...sure?
Sameera: promise...!Luv u alot...
Srikar:Hmm...luv u too..I missed you! 

Sameera:Hmm..I know I am lucky to have you...Hey I did not tell you na..Dad called me and asked me to come there along with Anvesh..You know my cousin Anita, right?
Sameera:Her parents brought her a match which she did not approve and she said that she wish to marry Anvesh..humm that's the matter for which dad called me urgently,as the situation was worse when she tried to commit suicide when uncle did not agree for that! However everything is alright now and Anvesh agreed too..
Srikar:Oh...that's fine :) then what else...What about's she?
Sameera:she is fine ma..
Srikar:Hmm you seem tired dear...I will prepare something for you meanwhile you go and fresh-up..

Hmm..felt the difference??Sometimes in any sort of relationship,words that we hear are not important..but it is the 'empathy' that helps to make relation stronger..right? "Possessiveness" will be a reason for the silly fights between the couple I mean to say here, between the persons who are fond of each other..Isn't it?

what do you say?

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Asif Shah said...

wow; best creative writing to express feelings,good to go...

Jyoti Mishra said...

Nice read !!
it was interesting

Gowthami said...

@Asif:that was a good compliment..thanx alot.. keep visiting...and thanks for following me :)

@Jyoti: Your words always mean alot to me jyoti..thanq!

Jyoti Mishra said...

that is so nice of u !!!

£arthieeee...... said...

yar....its cute...,awesome...,nd luvd it...:-):-)

Spicy Sweet said...

Good one!

Spicy Sweet said...

I say, the essence of this fiction is good

Gowthami said...

thanks prudhvi :)

@spicy sweet:thanx alot dear..u made my day...m glad u liked it..btw would u mind me knowing ur name..!

Sri said...

That's amazing. Well said Gowthami.

If only all of us thought about the emotions running in the head of the person we are talking to, and considered the same before we spoke (especially in tense situations), then life will be so much better :-).

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

A very well written post.

You have a lovely blog. Keep writing and yes thank you so much for appreciating my blog. :)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

And yes thanks a bunch for liking my name as i hardly find people who likes it. :P I love the name Gowthami. In fact any name which has Indian touch to it grabs my appreciation. :)

Gowthami said...

Thanks so much Sri..what u said is exactly essential for a long-live relation!

Thanq a billion preeti..u made me smile thru ur words...hey ur name indeed has a 'like' in it.. yes..this happens with me too..I like meaningful Indian names...keep visiting :)

Prathi said...

wow very well thought nice work :) keep writing ..

Anoop said...

hehe... i had read it...i dint comment huh?? :O :D
mm sorry... :D n yea i also wrote a post abt bein possessive... :D

n 2 perspectives... its nice.... :D

Gowthami said...

Thanq prathima,yeah will surely write wateva i feel to write..

Hey Anoop...hehe no need to say sorry.. I told u as u asked me whether you have replied to the post..hmm ofcourse I should confess that ur comment always made me smile..
btw..m glad that u liked 2 perspectives.. :)

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