Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy being slave?

If you are asked whether you wish to be a slave...what do you say?

                                                                            I say..

                                                     I'm slave of your love,
                                  till I breath my last,My Lord;
                                              I feel bliss in it!

                                     This is written for Haiku Heights!(this week's theme-slavery )

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Priyanka Bhowmick said...

devotion is bliss!! beautifully depicted!

mindlovemisery said...

Lovely the strong of faith lovely take on the prompt =)

Old Raven said...

Ah Ha! This is very good ... very blissful. ;)

Old Raven said...

I enjoyed your Haiku ... it was blissful. :)

Vysh @The Colourful Eyes said...

Nice one !!

hey I mailed u somthing gouthami.. Hv u checkd it ?

Jyoti Mishra said...

I guess this slavery is acceptable to majority of people.
Nice job !!!

Gowthami said...

Welcome to my blog priyanka..Thankyoy..m glad u liked it..keep visiting!

@mindlovemisery:my faith on him keeps me moving..m happy you got my point!

@Raven:Oh,thanks so much Raven..Keep visiting my needs suggestions from an intellectual writer like you.. :)

OMG i jus checked vyshnavi...What can I say..I'm Honored...I owe a bigggg thanks...and a bigggggg huggg to you...Thanks so much for ur love on me :)

Thankyou so mcuh Jyoti :)

Nidhi said...

Explain to me again... What is haiku?

Devotion to God is definitely divine. And it gives you the strength and power to face anything in the world.

Anoop said...

i think u r a great believer of God........ :)

Anoop said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Prathi said...

very beautiful :)

... Madhumathi ... said...

Wow.. :) I can relate dis to me! Evn I love krishna <3 :)

Gowthami said...

@Nidhi:Haiku is a Japanese word..which mean a in English translation a haiku can be taken as a short 3 line poem(/prose of 3 lines) that contain 17 syllables.. usually a syllable count of 5-7-5 is maintained in nailing a haiku(i.e 5 syllables in line1,7 in line2 again 5 in line3) You can know more about Haikus at the link I provided in the post..Hope I am clear..If not..ask me I'll try to let you know more.

Gowthami said...

@Anoop:yeah anoop...!
@Prathi:Thankyou prathima.. :)
Thanks so much dear!Yeah I know you love him as I do... :)

r said...

beautiful :)

Jingle said...

love your slavery entry.

Amanda Moore said...

In this prompt we write so similar I guess great minds think alike? =) Are you on twitter or Facebook? thanks so much for check out my blog I truly appreciate it!

beccagivens said...

Nice take on the prompt!!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

Nice take on the prompt. :)

Devotion is bliss. And surprisingly my current post says the same. :)

Hope you are doing good. May you be blessed always. :)

Gowthami said...

@R:Thanks so much...welcome to my blog :)

@Jingle:Aww..m glad u liked my haiku :)

@Amanda:thanks so much dear!Haha...hmm our haikus are a bit similar..and hehe great minds!Ha yes..!

Yup..M on facebook,with same display name gowthami nandigala,I will be looking forward to you there :)

@beccagivens:Oh..thanx alot!!

@Preeti:yup..I had the darshan of your ganesh ji..
I wish you too enjoy the bliss dear :)

pr910 said...

hello there gowthami....!!!! now this kind of haiku, steeped in Divine Love, is exactly my kinda thing!
brought a smile to my face, and a feel good factor in my heart~!

Gowthami said...

Awww...thankyou so very much Prema :)
M glad you identified urself in my haiku!
You made me smile thru ur comment!

Thankyou so much :) pls keep visiting :)

akanksha said...

Thats really beautiful! :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog..I too, loved being here!

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