Friday, June 17, 2011

A Night With Stars!(Smile-->Production num#2)?

/hihi Good morning dear friends!!Did you ever speak to stars?No??Well...

Here goes my experience, a sweet memory that can make you smile..Well then get ready to smile! :)

It was the month of April, hmmm I completed my course of study( and I am with plenty of holidays in my know since I was child I really crave for holidays..(I hope this thing will continue till the end of my journey ;) :P ) During my holidays, all our family members gather and spend time in an awesome I like them very much!This time as soon as I am ready with my days,we went to our village, Nambur.

That day,we finished our dinner and had a casual chat after which I went to the terrace of our house to walk in the cool night watching the twinkling stars(I love this so much!). Five or ten minutes later Dad came too.. We remained in silence for sometime, enjoying the place and the weather.
Suddenly Dad raised the topic about the 'arundhati' nakshatra,looking at the stars.He said that he was unable to find it in their marriage.Hey,hope you know the importance of Arundhati Nakshatra in Hindu marriages,right?No..?kk hmm this star has a story.Arundhati is wife of vasishta(one among the saptharishis, guardians of divine laws) she is known for her love towards her husband,so it became a ritual showing arundhati nakshatra for the newly married couple wishing that their life would be lovely.
But it is difficult to identify the star correctly in the innumerable stars in sky.

After listening to the dad's words, I tried to help him out.You know stars are always my friends and I know the position of arundhati correctly :).I pointed to the North direction in the sky where we can figure out a kite (figure formed by 7 stars..hmm 4 forming a parallelogram and 3 forming a curve..totally depicting a kite)
oh wait google helped me find this pic,

Arundhati can be found at the last but one star in the curve(at the end)You can not find it in this pic but in the sky, you can see the star but it needs careful observation.Haha on that day it took almost 5,6 mins to find it!

Huh..atlast I made it!I felt..and later we had some casual talks and it was then, I got a stupid idea...'to scream like a goat'.I tried but it did not sound well(!? :P) Dad tried and it came out very well and accurate next I tried...meanwhile a lady neighbor came out and looked outside round to locate the goat...We saw her and kept silent.She went inside and again the goat in me came out screaming :P Dad told me to stop but I did not. That lady again came out and this time I sat behind the wall,she asked Dad whether any goat is roaming around.Hehe Dad said 'No',she went in and he closed my mouth when I am about to scream..."Idiot it's enough for today,let's go down" I obeyed his order with a smile...

Did you smile?
Come on...Now it's ur turn to share ur incidents/memories with stars/sky/moon/goats ;) etc...

Waiting to listen from you,

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Jyoti Mishra said...

It was a funny anecdote.. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

When we were kids me n my bro used to stare in the sky for hours and than he used to say " kitni height par hai ye"
Sissy do we'll able to touch them if we'll be in flight :D
and than I used to laugh, rolling on the ground.... Idiot they r far far away.

Gowthami said...

That was a quick response jyoti..thanks alot..

Being a kid at any age makes us happy..isn't it?

Haha...Will I be able to touch them?How chweet it is to hear frm your innocent bro :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Ha ha..
You always crack me up.. :D

Nice Post.

Keep Writing.. Keep Smiling.. :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

nice father-daughter combo...u spooked your neighbour lady...u sure have a fun-loving dad

Gowthami Nandigala said...

@Arpit:Glad I made you smile :)

@Sujatha:Aww...Thanks so muchhh...yes a nice comb to derive fun at any place and at any time ;) :)

yes,I am blessed to have him in my life :)
keep visiting!

Prashanth said...

Well, Well.. when we got recently married, I was asked to show my wife the Arundhati star in the sky, that too on a bright sunny day! Need not mentioned, it just was good enough for a shot in our wedding video. Now, after reading your post, am gonna take my wife to terrace tonight and try to show her the Arundhati star.

Between, really liked reading the 'Goat' incident :D

Gowthami Nandigala said...

Prashanth, Come on...take her and try to find the star in the North...hmm a bit difficult but u can!

Haha...this will be a memory to u too.. Hope you will enjoy :)
Glad u liked my 'goat'!

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