Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A story of love..!

Why don't he be with me?
Everyone is important than me..
Everything interests him except my love :(
He could spend with me this evening,but he went to play...How many times I called him?
No use...
I say "Just come out of the ground and speak for me"
But he says, "I will not be here playing except for two hours a day..you still wish to come out!?"
Asusual...he never understand my feelings for him!
Is it my fault to think like this..?
I expect him to be with me..
I wish to hear some lovely words from him..
I wish..he should pamper me..
I expect to hear how lucky he is to possess me(Isn't he?)..
I wish to listen how madly I love him through his words..
But he did not...still he do not,and will not do as I wish!

She was in her thoughts when he came beside her and took his place.She immediately went to start her work without speaking a word.
They spent their time without speaking any word..

The next day,she found a letter on the table.It says,
My dear Love,
Why do you think so much and pull your mind into a cyclone of thoughts?
You are so sweet and your love is so much to me that I can not bear sometimes,you know!
I may not express my feelings for you,I am bad at choosing words that convey my love to you,really!
Tell me exactly,Don't you know my dear sweety,don't you know how much I love you..?
I agree,I may not be with you all the time but you always stay in my heart wherever I am...!

Wiping her tears,she rushed towards him.
With her trembling voice,she said,"I am sorry dear,I am a fool,I hurt you...I am really sorry, I love you so much,I know I am blessed to have you"
She stopped as if she has no words to speak..He held her close to him and said,"No dear,I am the fool who did not understand your feelings,I am sorry"
"Did you read the complete letter?"
"Not yet.."

She started...

                                                          You are always the best to me..
                                                                       Please dear,
                                                            Will you marry me..please?

She smiled and embraced him...He wisphered,"Will you marry me!?"
She said, "Idiott!"

The calling-bell sound made them separate themselves,when they opened the door, they are astonished to see them!
"Happy Wedding anniversary!!" Their daughter and her family screamed.
She held back the letter,which contains her picture in wedding gown!
Meanwhile,he whispered "You are my bride forever dear,I love you"


Love needs to be expressed...!It elates your soul-mate :)
At the same time,personal interests should not be disturbed...!It irritates your soul-mate :)

Love blossoms when mutual interests are respected and when feelings are shared!!


                          This story(post) was written for Thursday Tales
                                                  (Image courtesy here)

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16 nice people shared their opinions!:

Anoop said...

i thot its a story of some lovers.. students or somethin.. :D

hehe.. yea.. love shud b expressed.... :) nice post... :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

it was a very lovely read.
yeah u r right Love needs to be expressed, because the unspoken words cannot be heard by others.

Keep writing.

Arti said...

Very well written, very brilliantly rounded off, excellent read... enjoyed it :)

Nidhi said...

so cute!!!!! awwwwwww!

Prathi said...

i agree, lovely post <3

Arpit Rastogi said...

Lovely love story.. :)
Nice place you have.. :)
Liked it.. :)

Your comment on my blog really made me LOL for 2 mins.. :)
You know your comment get me slapped so hard that its hurting me now.. *Fiction*

You asked me to feel Happy as you commented there,

So i was feeling happy,

And HAPPY slapped me!!! :P

Hope you get the joke. *finger crossed* :P
If you don't then Never Mind.. Ignore! :D

Keep Writing. Keep Smiling. :)

Prashanth said...

Amazing story Gowthami, it is just what happens in anyone's life. The moral of the tale reveals the secret of successful married life :o)

£arthieeee...... said...

no wordz...its juz awesome

wena said...

Visiting from TT!

I love your story! sometimes when we thought we are taken for granted, it is a sweet surprise to find out we are not!


P.S. come and visit me sometime!

Gowthami said...

Hehe,I executed it in that way,like playing..ground..etc in order to say that 'interests need to be respected'!
Well,I am glad u liked the story :)

Thanks so much jyoti,ur words raised my spirit..and yes love should be expressed!

Awwww,...that's a very chweeeet compliment Arti,Thanks a ton dear..I am elated to see you here and glad u liked my plot...please keep visiting!

Gowthami said...

Thanks so much!hope I see you again!

@Prathi:Thnks dear :)

Hahaha...mine is not that a killer comment!!

Haha Happy that you are slapped by 'happy' :)

Thnks a lot for ur words ;) :)

keep visiting and I hope everything is fine with you now!

Gowthami said...

Thanks a bunch prashanth..you made me smile!
really happy that you stated my intention thru the tale :)

@Earthiee: Thanks so much prudhvi :)

Thanks so much for your words..
I tried visiting your space thru ur profile but failed in doing so..so Could you kindly leave the ink to ur blog!

Sri said...

Nice.. very well expressed. I especially loved the twist at the end...It was just so cute :-).
Keep blogging.

Gowthami Nandigala said...

Thaks so muchhh Srii...
M very happy that you loved it! :)

Priyanka Kamath said...

*eeeeee* Gowthami this is such a nice post !:))
loved it !
made m go all *awwww* :))
really nice:)

Gowthami Nandigala said...

Thanks a ton Priyanka :)
Expecting you around here in my space!

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