Sunday, June 5, 2011

Whom do u like?

This is written for Haiku Heights!

This week's theme is - Porcelain

                                                           Beautiful! she is;
                                                  My heart questioned me,is she
                                                          a porcelain doll?

                                                          A Wonderful lady;
                                                 I feel that she was made with,
                                                         a porcelain heart!


When I found this word as this week's theme,I got these two variants of this word "porcelain"
Btw...What do you say about them?

17 nice people shared their opinions!:

mindlovemisery said...

Lovely haiku and I love the different uses of Porcelain the beautiful girl, the strong-hearted woman

Rajlakshmi said...

loved both the haiku's .. beautiful haiku

Jyoti Mishra said...

only one word... Fantastic
nice and diverse usage !!

Gowthami said...

@mindlovemisery:Thankyou..keep visiting :)

@Rajlakshmi:Thanx...Glad u luvd it!
Keep visiting :)

@Jyoti:Thanks so much...Ur words are encouraging :)

Pavan Gurjar said...

nice ...

beccagivens said...

Nice work on both Haiku -- great takes on the prompt!! Illustrated nicely!!

Christine said...

Porcelain can be strong or broken, depends whose holding it.

Gowthami said...

@pavan:thanks :)

@beccagivens: thanku so much for ur words!

@Christine: the second haiku I spoke on strong nature!

Thanq..keep visiting :)

£arthieeee...... said...

i don't go with beauty...but... go with heart...
so its obvious whom i like...:-)

interesting post..:D

Short Poems said...

Beautiful work on both haikus, love it :)

Haiku Poems

Sourav said...

Porcelain is too rigid to think of anything/anybody for me, it probably directs my thoughts to a stoned heart!

Tarang said...

Nice compositions.

the critics said...

thats nice :)

Arti said...

Well written Gowthami... Loved both of them. A good heart is indeed very beautiful!!
Have a nice day:)

sush said...

very intelligent haiku. gr8. enjoyed it.

Gowthami said...

@Earthiee: thanks and yes u made a nice choice ;)

@shortpoems:thanq...keep visiting :)

@Sourav:Thanx so much for sharing ur opinion..pls keep visiting :)

@Tarang:It's nice to hear those words from u.. keep visiting!

@Critics:Thanks alot.. :)

@Arti:Thankyou so much arti..hope u had a wonderful day...keep visiting :)

@Sush:Aww...thanx so much for such encouraging words..keep visiting :)

Jingle said...

it does not matter,
simply enjoy looking at her.
fun Haiku,

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