Saturday, July 30, 2011

what happened to me?

Yes...what happened to me??
Gowthami,who wish to write was not at all in a mood to pen down her thoughts...why?
May be...I am not in a position to handle them(thoughts or the situations..?probably second one...)
Why do people say...'Your life is what you make it'? and why do they say..'Things will not be in your hands,what has to happen will happen'?[Ah,I am not speaking about blogging here, rather on things, that were happening to me]

Ha,whatever happens,I know to smile!I can trace out happiness in everything... would be better if an 'idea' for a 55F comes to my mind now..isn't it...but it is not! :P

I gained some good,encouraging readers who always made me smile through their feedback..I am sorry for not writing these days...Ha surely Gowthami is back now...Ok..I said this in previous post itself but did not write :( But this is for sure dear!

Btw,How are you doing these days...I will be reading you as soon as I finish this...

Miss you,

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well...After many many days,I opt writing random thoughts rather than a post on something...this actually help me to write after a long gap...

I hope you should be very fine...

#1) I was not in my home town, Guntur these days..(Hum,spent with Grandparents..) I was relaaaaaxxxing from 2 months nearly while most of my classmates and friends are busy learning technical courses...See,how well I am using my time productively! ;)

#2) When I checked out my mails,I found comments from Jyothi..Sujatha...those make me smile!Thanks alot for your concern Sujatha...I am now here with you,running out of ideas..hehe finally opted to speak non-sense! :)

#3) Actually,Papaya too is very good for health,Isn't it?(Just had a piece of it!) :P

#4) Hey you know I discovered one thing, :P "When the people you love and you yearn to spend time with them are not with you,then spend time wiht hose people who loves to be with you,this will make you happy for sure" :)

#5) Certain things take time!right?They actually test our patience!!

#6) I felt not to talk on yesterday's bomb-blasts. :(

Mom is calling me..,
....(after 10 mins) it is about to rain and I am asked to collect the washed clothes.
It is raining lightly now-a-days in Guntur,and you know (I am)My health is sensitive to weather changes...To me,Monsoon always bring Cold :( !

#7) Ok Ok..I heard you shouting at me to stop this!

Enjoy till evening,I will be sharing some happy things with you then,because when things are not making you happy,we should find happiness in the things that happened...right!(This sentence always suits me well)

Take care!
I seriously missed you my dear fellow bloggers...missed your posts...!

----Gowthami :)
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