Saturday, July 30, 2011

what happened to me?

Yes...what happened to me??
Gowthami,who wish to write was not at all in a mood to pen down her thoughts...why?
May be...I am not in a position to handle them(thoughts or the situations..?probably second one...)
Why do people say...'Your life is what you make it'? and why do they say..'Things will not be in your hands,what has to happen will happen'?[Ah,I am not speaking about blogging here, rather on things, that were happening to me]

Ha,whatever happens,I know to smile!I can trace out happiness in everything... would be better if an 'idea' for a 55F comes to my mind now..isn't it...but it is not! :P

I gained some good,encouraging readers who always made me smile through their feedback..I am sorry for not writing these days...Ha surely Gowthami is back now...Ok..I said this in previous post itself but did not write :( But this is for sure dear!

Btw,How are you doing these days...I will be reading you as soon as I finish this...

Miss you,

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