Monday, August 1, 2011

1,2,3.. from an 'idlebrain'

Wait,I am not going/taking any pre-kg/dance classes.Sitting before my PC and while thinking over the topic to write today, I got this write something on numbers...So you people get ready..

One -1 My birthdate!! It's a pure coincidence that my birthday and new year comes on the same day ;) yes,I was born on Jan 1st! Lucky na? :) Double Dhamaaka or you say 1+1 offer!

Two -2 People!Thankyou Mom and thankyou Dad...for your love and affection!Both of you are always best and I am blessed to have you..I love you :)

Three - 3 Months Huh,three months ago I was a student,Now I am trying to find the pleasure in the so called holidays and it may take another 3 months for me to become a member of TCS officially(we may expect in Nov)Waiting for JL needs patience. Smile_sigh.

Four - 4 Years.This is the time spent in Engineering course.I love my college-life and I am glad that I found good friends for my life.Learnt many things for life(I am not saying about java or err I am not even getting the names of subjects we had /blur )
I can never forget the fun I had all these years..Thankyou friends!I miss you all :(

 Five - 5 Five stars!(5 Close friends)Needless to say their names..but I feel lucky possessing them.. :) If I had to go beyond my family for any support or help,you are my immediate ones I can approach!You knew me well...Hehe I pray God to give you more strength(mental strength re,m not going to kick you) to bear me till I breath my last!

Six - 6 sixth date of third month 2k9 will be cherished throughout my life :) Will share the reason behind it later ;) :)

Seven - 7 seventh of this month...We(Dad,mom me and bro) are going to tirupathi... Yay :)

Eight - 8 years completed without hearing the most caring voice and sweet smile.I lost her(mom's younger sis).One woman who loves me sooo much and who guards me even now..

Nine - 9 This number is on one of my shirts(my fav tee)!

Ten - 10 Hey I got exactly 10 prizes in school when I was 10! Coincidence na,hehe that's why I remembered ;)

Finally, Completed it!
The above mentioned things are the primary ones that came to me..
I did it...when you feel free and obviously when your brain runs over several topics,or else when you do not find a topic,pick this one to write your life in numbers for fun...

Don't forget to speak on my numbers now ;)


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