Saturday, August 13, 2011

A list of surprises...

All these days,I was blogging once or twice in a week and I was writing nothing except giving my updates(like what I did or what happened to me in those days) and this post is no exception to that category..again a random post of updates...of-course,this makes you know what happened to me right...Well,I should agree that this will not interest you and you may be getting bored with my blog...Hmm need to think on this..
For this time,just go on with these things dear!

#1) The very first thing that came as a surprise is our Tirupathi trip was postponed.This is due to ill-health of grandma and she is fine now :).The trip was rescheduled on aug 29th night with the gang increased :)

#2) The second surprise for which I was waiting for many days happened to me when I was in our village(to help grandpa).It came as a phone call at 11 p.m from my friend.I did not believe what he said,'I received JL' Hmm atlast I received the formal joining letter from TCS,and my training was scheduled on Dec 19th at Hyderabad.I felt very happy listening this and even now,after checking out the mail.I wish that I should get the posting in Hyd,and I am sure about it.Hehe what other option can I prefer?I just wish to stay nearer to mom n dad :)

#3) The third surprise is the thing I do not like at all.This happened today.Gowthami,the active girl was not feeling well.I thought 'Ha,I am o.k,this(reg body pains,headache,stomach pain..dryness of throat,etc) is due to some strain,everything is fine..'Mom compelled me to visit doctor.I listed all my abnormalities I feel,and they checked out temperature and Blood pressure...after a blood test,he ruled out as 'typhoid'(I smiled listening this...I got this same thing two years back)O.k leave it,this is not dangerous at all,as it was mild and a few tablets will work :) happy for no injections!

#4) This is the happy surprise on this rakhi day!My brother presented me(when I tied rakhi) two chains(these are prepared by him with some crystals and etc..)they are really very nice..I loved them.Thanks so much for your love dear vijji(vijay).

#5) I have two surprises which may surprise my fellow blogger friends too...but I am not revealing now...
so wait for them!

Bear this post,if any mistakes(reg spelling and grammatical) found,because I am in no mood to go back and check for them....keep smiling
Take care(Sorry for not going thru ur blogs dear frns..)

Gowthami :)

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