Monday, August 15, 2011


When someone hurts me,
and when things go wrong,
I got my weapon,
Yes,I cry in 'silence'!

When I am alone,
with memories of past in mind,
I got a companion,
Yes,I smile in 'silence'!

When I am with my tea-cup,
Fresh breeze,green leaves and colorful flowers whisper,
I got a headset,
Yes,I listen in 'silence'!

When I am alone,
with thoughts and fears about future,
I got a companion,
Yes,I dream in 'silence'!

When the day ends,
with stars as evidence,to confess,to share and to ask,
I knew a language to speak with HIM,
Yes,I communicate in 'silence'!


That's why I say 'My silence speaks alot'!
 And none,except HIM can understand it!! 

This is written for 'One Single Impression' and 'Poets united'

I just scribbled my thoughts.I am new at poetry and do not know whether it can be considered as a poem(!?) I would like to hear from you..
Your suggestions will improve and inspire me to write better!


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