Saturday, August 20, 2011

A token of love!

Hi guys,I have listed some surprises,remember?And I said you that I'm gonna share another surprise later..right!
Here is this...hmm the surprise that made me smile :)

I know,if you are a blogger and a frequent reader of my blog,you might have guessed it already!

My blog received two awards from two wonderful bloggers!**yayy **
I am now displaying them right now,without any blah-blah ;) (I could not wait)

One award is from Vysh of colorful eyes,I am really so very sorry Vysh for accepting it lately(nearly 2 months is such a long time,to admit,i forgot that I have not yet accepted this..and remembered when I received an award now recently..sorry dear)

I wonder this word 'versatile' is too big to me but thank you so much for showing your love towards my space :) <3

And the second award is from Sujatha(conversations by SujathaSathya) one of wonderful bloggers!
Thank you so much Sujatha :) <3
These awards surely give a +ve spirit to write more...
I am skipping the me part(on sharing facts about me.. ;) ) and I am now sharing these with my fellow blogger friends.

I wanna share this versatile blogger award with


And next the 'one lovely blog award' is being shared with


order doesn't matter and friends if you've already awarded with any of these awards,just accept as 'a token of love' towards your blog from me!I really enjoy reading your blogs :)

Hope you know the rules of awards,share some facts about you and spread the love to other blogger friends. Happy blogging!

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