Friday, May 25, 2012


                           Retrospection with
                     teary eyes and anguish heart
                            says, i pine for you.

This is submitted for haiku heights. Thanks to Leo for hosting a wonderful site.

I am in a total mess in choosing a topic to write after an unusual gap,so tried a haiku.I wish to listen from you.In fact I welcome your suggestions :)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

After a very long break!!!

Hello my dear friends!How are you doing?Hope you are fine so far.

Gowthami,after a very very long time is back to be with you.I really missed blogging.I couldn't find any sincere reason for taking such a long gap.I thought of writing here,in my space,many times before but I didn't.Today I felt the urge to write.

In short,the major event that had happened to me is I got my date of joining from an MNC and I joined in it.Finally I moved from my home :( But I'm quite happy that I got placed in Hyderabad along with my best staying away from home has not shown much impact on me :) Moreover I can go home frequently :)

I did not think much on writing a post now.In fact it seems a bit difficult to me.
I wish I could write more often(as I did long back).
My dear fellow bloggers,I really missed reading your thoughts,your blogs inspire me..
I really need your visits and comments to go further.Your words encourage me to write more..I wish you all be with me after this long break.

will be back with better post,

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